It’s been a tradition since he took office – President Obama does bracketology with ESPN and fills out an NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket. For 2012, he has taken North Carolina and Kentucky all the way, with UNC winning the title. Safe choices, to be sure, but not bad ones. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if that was the finals match-up. Missouri and Ohio State round out his Final Four – he must be up on his Syracuse news and opted for tOSU.

For the record, the President is 1-3 in picking national champions. He also picked North Carolina in 2009 when they won. Perhaps UNC will make him 2-4.

As far as first-round upsets go, the Prez took every 10-seed to win over every 7-seed. He also chose 11-seed NC State to beat 3-seed Georgetown and Virginia Commonwealth over Wichita State is his 12-5 upset (because you gotta have one of those).

We thought maybe his 12-5 upset would be Harvard over Vanderbilt, as it’s his law school alma mater and it’s the Crimson’s first NCAA tournament berth since 1946, but he tells ESPN’s Andy Katz, “I will be rooting for Harvard, but it’s just too much of a stretch.”

Fun stuff. Did you fill out a bracket?

obama ncaa bracket 2012 President Obama's NCAA bracket: North Carolina takes the title

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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