Taiwanese-Animation-Presidential-Debate-Romney-Obama.jpgWednesday’s presidential debate had its strange moments — Big Bird, coal, and a painfully meek moderator, to name a few — and ended with Republican hopeful Mitt Romney coming out on top of President Obama, according to many analysts. But leave it to Taiwanese news animators Next Media Animation to provide the oddest, funniest coverage of the debate yet.

True to NMA’s absurd tradition, the CGI clip features an audience of rowdy donkeys, elephants, and “Sesame Street” characters looking on as Romney smacks Obama with boxing gloves and does a celebratory “Gangnam Style” dance. The President, on the other hand, is pictured as a weakling in a propeller beanie. If that’s not outrageous enough, Death impatiently looms over moderator Jim Lehrer as he struggles to rein in the candidates. At one point Romney even takes a chainsaw to Big Bird, resulting in an on-stage blood bath.

Watch the video below. And while there’s no telling how the other debates will pan out, one thing’s for certain: Regardless of your political beliefs, the folks at NMA know how to make good fun of the news.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady