pretty little liars love shack baby 'Pretty Little Liars'   'Love ShAck, Baby': Who's got the diary?On “Love ShAck, Baby,” the “Pretty Little Liars” are almost all keeping secrets from one another, mostly regarding their significant others.


The silver diary is the hot topic this week, with the Liars doggedly trying to figure out who each of the stories inside are about. One poem about a bumblebee leads them to make a trip to The Busy Bee, a bed and breakfast where they think Ali might have been hiding out.

However, on the way to the B&B, the Liars’ car breaks down and they take shelter in Ezra’s cabin while they wait for Cowboy Travis to come get them with his tow truck. Once at the cabin, someone (“A”?) breaks in and takes the silver diary while Hanna and Emily are outside and Aria and Spencer are in the linen closet.

Aria and Emily later get an “A” message, thanking them for helping him/her find Alison. They’ve been decoding the journal and now “A” is on the track of the bed and breakfast. The “A” tag reveals that it was the great mastermind who caused their GPS to fail and the car to break down.

Is there anything “A” can’t do?

Aria and Ezra

Ezra lurks. A lot. Which has kind of always been his MO on this show, but now it’s even more sinister. He is first creepily listening to a phone call Alison made begging for help, then he eventually wangles his way into the Marin house under the ruse of Hanna’s subpar schoolwork and searches Hanna’s room, presumably for the silver diary, but he winds up snooping through her laptop.

But since he didn’t find the diary, does that mean he followed the Liars to his cabin and stole it? Perhaps. That’s certainly what the show wants you to think, but it does not confirm that.

Emily and … her thoughts

No Paige this episode, which is a bummer. But it gives Emily some space to deal with her feelings about Alison. Of course, how can she deal with her feelings when Alison is invading her dreams or possibly just sneaking into the room in the middle of the night? Was it really Alison? Either way, she says she doesn’t know who is after her.

Emily then visits their special rock (via a written request from “Alison”) and leaves her purple friendship bracelet there — but of course, someone is creepily watching her from behind a bush. Was that really Alison?

Hanna and Caleb

Hanna tells everyone that she and Caleb broke up and he went back to Ravenswood, but she’s acting totally nonchalant about it, which is a huge red flag because, as her mom says, we expected her to be bedridden and clad in sweatpants.

But there’s definitely a little spark between Hanna and Cowboy Travis, which we can’t help but root for a little because we’re fairly happy with Caleb over on “Ravenswood.”

Though that is not all of Hanna’s dalliances revealed this week. She tore a page out of Ali’s diary that revealed she (Hanna) was a cradle robber, because she hooked up with Mike once. Yes, Mike Montgomery. Hee!

Spencer and Toby

Mr. Hastings is gung-ho to help Toby get Radley shut down, until he learns that Marion’s death was an accident. She fell off the roof and another patient was present, so the sanitarium covered up Marion’s death to protect the patient. We don’t get the identity of the patient this week.

Mr. Hastings is also being a little shady about the DiLaurentis family. He claims he’s helping Mrs. D. with her divorce, but Spencer overhears them talking about not telling Jason something. Mrs. D. says it’s the divorce, but Spencer doesn’t buy it (and neither do we). When her dad forbids her to talk to Mrs. D. as long as she’s under his roof, Spencer goes to stay with Toby.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • There’s also some info about CeCe Drake’s whereabouts this episode. She was spotted at a train station in Maryland and the cops are assuming someone paid her to kill Det. Wilden because she made several large deposits in her bank account right before his murder.
  • The preview for next week looks pretty great. Alison makes a reappearance, as does Jake. He also starts to get Aria’s radar pinging about being afraid of Ezra.
  • Who do you suppose the patient is who witnessed Marion’s “accident”? Alison?

Best Lines:

Spencer: “You like Jake. You love Ezra.”

: “Wow, that is so me of you.”
Emily: “Actually, that was so Pam Fields of me. I’m becoming my mother.”

What did you think of “Love ShAck, Baby”?

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