pretty little liars behind the scenes shadow play 'Pretty Little Liars'   'Shadow Play': Emily and Paige's love scene was 'emotionally real,' says EP Joseph DoughertyThe “Pretty Little Liars” film noir episode may have viewers wondering what exactly was real within the the canon of the show, since the transporting back to the 1940s took place in Spencer’s sleep-deprived, Adderall-fueled brain. Executive producer Joseph Dougherty clears things up for Zap2it — sort of.

“What is real and what’s not real and what counts and doesn’t count — I’ve been getting that a lot on Twitter,” says Dougherty, with Zap2it specifically wondering about the Paige-Emily romance, since a steamy on-screen scene between them has not been shown before on “Liars.” Dougherty says while it may not have been real-real, it was emotionally real.

“I think every moment that’s in there is emotionally real. In my mind, Paige and Emily have been together that way, we’ve just not seen it before,” says Dougherty. “These are two characters who I don’t think we’ve ever seen in that kind of romantic situation, so the idea was to embrace the concept of how you depicted sex and romance in the period but give it to these two girls. I think what happens to them — is it in Spencer’s mind? I don’t know. It’s in my mind.

“To me,” he continues, “that’s a very real scene. I believe those two girls had that conversation and did end up in bed together. I think in their minds, it felt the way it looks, in black and white. I don’t think that scene would be as effective if you did it as a contemporary scene. I love the fact that we put these characters back in time, where it was a much bigger decision they were making.”

However, when the girls are back in the present, obviously Aria doesn’t yet know about Spencer’s suspicions about Ezra — that part isn’t real. “You come out of it and while Emily, Spencer and Hanna know that Aria’s back with Fitz again, their lives are increasingly complicated because they think they know what they think they know,” says Dougherty. “What happens on the other side of the black and white episode is how do we save our friend without destroying her?”

So, what did you think of “Shadow Play,” fans? We thought it was gorgeously done and it did propel the plot forward, if only slightly. It’ll be interesting to see how the girls handle telling Aria what they think Ezra’s been doing. What do you make of “A” changing the journal entries and then letting the girls find it? Seems like an awful lot of work, but we guess that can be said for just about everything “A” does.

shay mitchell shadow play pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars'   'Shadow Play': Emily and Paige's love scene was 'emotionally real,' says EP Joseph DoughertyBest Lines:

Emily: “Whatta you want me to do, interrogate my girlfriend about her summer fling?”
Hanna: “Basically.”

Toby: “Trust you? You’re spread so thin I can see right through you.”

Hanna: “The more I see of men, the more I want to get a dog. Too bad there isn’t another alternative.”
Emily: “Too bad.”

Toby: “You learn a lot more walking in uninvited.”

Hanna: “I’m not as used to walking the streets as Mona is.”
Mona: “Come over here and say that.”

Toby: “Secrets aren’t just secrets. They’re weapons you keep in your pocket until you need them. I learned that from Ali.”

Alison: “Who sharpened your tongue, little girl?”

Ezra: “It’s safe, you can come out now. I’ll take care of you.”

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