pretty-little-liars-white-wedding-unbridled-ABCfamily.jpgOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” Paily fans are in for some tears, while the girls get one step closer to finding Alison and getting some answers.

A/Alison/Mrs. DiLaurentis

Mrs. DiLaurentis continues to act super creepy, but it’s all because she basically thinks Spencer killed Alison. Over the course of signing on to help in Mrs. D.’s bridal fashion show in order to poke around the DiLaurentis house, the Liars make contact with Ali, who says she’ll explain what’s going on, but they need to come to her.

They head out for her hidey-hole in Philadelphia, which is where she’s shacking up with [spoiler] — click here if you want to know who.

Spencer’s Psychosis

During the bridal fashion show, Spencer thinks she sees Mrs. DiLaurentis handing a suitcase to Alison, which, coupled with Mrs. Marin finding a shopping bag of new clothes — young, trendy ones — in the DiLaurentis house, has the girls thinking Mrs. D. knows Alison is alive and has been helping her hide out. But we don’t think so. More on that in a minute.

Spencer gives chase on the person Mrs. D. handed the suitcase to, but doesn’t find the person. When she gets back, however, she discovers her wedding dress corset is lined with fingerbones! And a message that wonders what Spencer will do when the “rest of her” comes out of the grave. “A’s” greatest message yet? Very possibly.

Speaking of Alison’s grave, it’s going to be exhumed. The anonymous tip to the police causes Det. Hottie to do some super-sleuthing and discover that the body found didn’t have a right-arm fracture — like Alison did from when she broke her arm as a kid. Oops, “A.” Or whoever “killed” Alison.


And in sad news, Emily breaks up with Paige. We figure the show won’t just leave it like that — there will presumably be another scene between them — but it certainly seems like Em is done with Paige after the snitching to the police about Alison.

It’s understandable on Emily’s part. Paige has a history of some kind of shady stuff, especially where Alison is concerned and it was way out of line to do what she did after Emily asked her not to.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The girls think that Mrs. D. knows Alison is alive, but we disagree. We think Mrs. D. thinks Alison is dead and Spencer killed her, and she was handing the suitcase to Cece Drake. “A” then tracked Cece down, hence the “A” tag at the hotel. Now, why is Mrs. D. helping Cece Drake? Not sure on that one.
  • Really fine acting this episode, especially from Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale and Holly Marie Combs. Bellisario, as always, is doing some great stuff with Spencer’s psychosis, and then the engagement reveal scene between Aria and Ella was lovely. *tears*
  • Glad to see Hanna smooching Cowboy Travis. That should make things interesting when the creators find a way to bring Caleb back to town in Season 5 now that “Ravenswood” is canceled.
  • Grave theory: The body found in the grave is Alison’s twin and that’s why the DNA matches. Now, where said twin was all this time leading up to her untimely demise we have no idea, but that’s our theory. We also think Jason knows way more than he’s letting on, especially in light of the lie about his being in rehab.
  • Who actually killed the twin? No idea, but we’re certain it wasn’t Spencer.
  • Next week’s finale looks absolutely killer.

Best Lines:

Spencer: “I’m not going to meet him behind a dumpster to cook meth, I’m just walking next door.”

Mrs. DiLaurentis: “A seafood parfait is not a finger food. No one wants to ruin a manicure digging shrimp out of a skinny cup!”

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