pretty little liars miss me x 100 cast 'Pretty Little Liars' 100th episode: 'A' is back and Alison's true colors come outThe 100th episode of “Pretty Little Liars” was full of fireworks and a couple nifty twists. Warning: Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Alison, Mona and Emily

Mona goads Alison into showing her true colors, disparaging Mona’s “army of losers” and drawing blood when she slaps Mona (though Mona did slap her first). It not only ruins any chance Alison had of showing that she had changed, but damages Alison’s relationship with the Liars too because she lied to them about the encounter with Mona.

And Alison’s relationship with Emily is possibly irreparably damaged, since Alison first admitted to having romantic feelings for Emily, then they hooked up and then it came out how Alison treated Mona.

But that is left for us to wait and see about because the Rosewood PD has finally identified — Bethany Young, a Radley patient who ran away from the sanitarium the night Alison disappeared. That doesn’t mean much to us now, but we trust the show will explore that a little further. It’s highly doubtful she’s just some random girl who bears no connection to anything related to Alison.

However, that development is interrupted by an even bigger bombshell (pun intended) when Toby’s house blows sky-high, taking several cars with it in the explosion, just when everyone’s phones start ringing. “A” is back! How we missed you.

The “A” tag (also missed you, “A” tag) features “A” moving into a new lair and cavorting with the Black Widow from Wilden’s funeral.

Aria, Jenna and … Sydney?

In other news, Aria being wracked with guilt over what happened to Shana has her trying to make amends to Jenna, who is pretty wrecked over Shana’s death. Jenna appears to take Anita’s Aria’s olive branch, but who can say what Jenna is really up to, since she then goes off to plot and scheme with Mona and Sydney.

We knew Sydney was up to something (because she’s a new face in Rosewood, so duh), but we were not expecting her to be working with Jenna. WE should have put it together that the person Mona was talking to behind the frosted glass when Hanna got her hair dyed was Sydney, but we did not.

The Hastings Family

It delights me to no end that the Hastings family gets its own sub-head. They’re just so interesting! This week, Veronica is leaving Peter because it turns out he lied about where he was the night Jessica DiLaurentis was killed and he dragged Melissa into it, which is “something” the Hastings parents agreed not to do (involve the kids).

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Who was Alison talking to in the car at the beginning of the episode? Because she was obviously lying about it being some lackey who works for her father.
  • Speaking of Alison, do you think she really changed? I always had my doubts, but this just confirmed it. She’s the same old Alison, manipulating her friends and cutting down someone she perceives to be in her way. Blech. Alison sucks.
  • Do you think Jenna blew up in the explosion?
  • So, can we rule out any Liars, Alison or their men as “A,” since the cut at the end implies that “A” texted them all immediately after the explosion?
  • Best line: “If she’s sad, she can cry in New York.” — Emily
  • Second best lien: “We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t believe in second chances, but it’s OK to close the door on someone who’s toxic.” — Toby. Preach, Toby.

What did you think of the explosive 100th episode?

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