pretty little liars crash and burn girl 'Pretty Little Liars' 'Crash and Burn, Girl!': Isn't it bromantic?When we last left our “Pretty Little Liars,” Ashley Marin was arrested for Det. Wilden’s murder and Mikey went on a vandalism spree — though it’d be awesome (and creepy) if that was not Mike, but Mr. Fitz.


In the Arialand of Aria problems, Connor and his dad want Mike suspended and hanged for the car vandalism. Byron steps in, after getting the whole story from Aria, and yet seems pretty helpless because it takes Ezra to point out to the vice principal that there are no prints or witnesses, so why on earth should the school suspend Mike?

It’s not like this is some fancy private school and Connor’s dad is a donor, giving the veep a reason (B.S. reason, but still) to do what Connor’s dad says. But the vice principal should have figured this one out on his own. Or Byron should’ve brought it up. But then we wouldn’t get Ezra Fitz as the knight in shining plaid who would do anything for Aria, and then the angsty angst in the hallway of longing looks.


Caleb and Toby (or “Coby”) are on the case of the night of the fire. The end up at an airfield where the plane is stored and meet Nigel Wright, whom you should all remember as the guy on Jenna’s arm at Wilden’s funeral.

Turns out Nigel was flying the plane the night of the fire, but he was just the arson delivery boy. He also says he was working for Cece Drake, but that could also be someone saying she’s Cece and not really being Cece.

Caleb swipes Nigel’s phone and they see that he’s been calling a New York City area code repeatedly. Then later, he serves a “babe” tea — gotta be Jenna, right?


Emily’s family is still poor, but they’re going to find a way to pay for Emily’s prolotherapy shots so she can have a chance to swim again. That is, until, Emily swipes Wilden’s apartment key from Pam’s desk at the station and Pam is subsequently suspended without pay when she can’t find it for the cops. Way to go, Emily. It’s like you don’t even want to go off and swim at Stanford, but instead stay in Rosewood forever (or until this show ends).

The search of Wilden’s apartment, by the way, yields black socks and porn (my new Allman Brothers cover band name) and a shipment of steaks from “A” about looking forward to their “little barbecue.”

Before Emily can put the key back, a car crashes through the Fields’ living room and almost kills Pam. We don’t know who was driving (if anyone), but the A Tag has “A” buying a home repair book and a hardware store gift card for Emily. That “A,” so considerate.


It’s not looking good for Hanna’s mom. Ashley is facing voluntary manslaughter or maybe even murder one, which means life (or worse) in Pennsylvania. Hanna is sad, but trying to hold it together — talking about attending a silent auction with her mom, paying bills so the house doesn’t fall apart. She’s a trooper.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • No Mona and practically no Spencer = unacceptable. They are the two kick-buttiest, so we demand more Spona next week.
  • However, we’ll forgive that since Coby had a murder board (!) and a rockin’ guitar intro.
  • “Why would he say these things about you?” — Byron. Um, because that’s what teenage boys do, dummy. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.
  • They really missed out on having Wilden’s booby DVDs being named “Lord of the Pole Dance.”
  • So, who smashed Connor’s car? Mike? Ezra? Or did Connor do it himself so he could blame Mike?

What did you think of “Crash and Burn, Girl!”?

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