pretty little liars run ali run shay mitchell sasha pieterse The 'Pretty Little Liars' dial 'A' for murder in 'Run, Ali, Run'The “Pretty Little Liars” creators have made no bones about their film noir influences, particularly the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock. Tuesday’s (July 15) episode, “Run, Ali, Run,” was a real treat for Hitchcock fans.


“A” is back with a vengeance, going after Alison while she packs to leave town, throttling her with a scarf while she grasps at a desk for any kind of weapon. Unfortunately, Alison doesn’t get to stab “A” with a pair of scissors a la Grace Kelly in “Dial M for Murder.” But the Liars do now know that “A” is back and wants Alison alive and in Rosewood, since “A” leaves without killing Alison or Emily (who rushes in to help). For what purpose “A” wants Alison alive and in town, we do not yet know.

There were a couple other Hitchcock references on Alison’s fake driver’s licenses — Rebecca Kelly and Marnie Winter. “Rebecca” and “Marnie” are Hitchcock movies, the de Winters are characters in “Rebecca” and Kelly is Grace Kelly’s last name. The fireplace poker is also a “Marnie” reference.

Anyway, the girls are working to figure out how Bethany Young fits into everything, so Spencer talks with Eddie Lamb from Radley, who gets a message to her by leaving a sketch at Ezra’s door that Bethany did while in Radley, of Mrs. DiLaurentis about to be attacked by a giant demon in her backyard.

The Black Widow graces the “A” tag, sending a card and flowers to Bethany’s family. Raise your hand if you think the person under the veil is Bethany Young, who also is somehow Alison or Jason’s twin sister.

The Other Liars

Emily and Hanna are at odds over Alison staying town, with Emily obviously wanting Alison to stay so that they can protect her (and Emily can work out her feelings for her friend with benefits), while Hanna wants to get her new (old) doppelganger out of town on the next train. But Hanna comes to realize that her issue with Alison is just that — her own issue — and it won’t be solved by shuttling Alison out of town.

In other news, Paige name-names to Emily about who is working against Alison (Lucas and Melissa), so the Liars know there’s more to Melissa than the enormous amount of suspicious stuff they already knew about her. But they’ll have to keekp everything quiet from Lt. Tanner, who is back and sniffing around Ezra and what anybody knows about Shana Fring’s death.

Speaking of Ezra, he’s trying hard to get back together with Aria and you know she’s going to end up there, so the whole “we slipped” thing is eyeroll-inducing. But at least Aria has something fun to do next week — go undercover at Radley. Say hi to Anita, Radley patients.

And finally, Spencer’s parents are still splitting up even though Veronica believes Peter that he and Melissa were at the lake talking the night Mrs. DiLaurentis died. Spencer is sad. 

Best line: “The cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars.” — Caleb

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