shay mitchell sasha pieterse pretty little liars a dark ali 'Pretty Little Liars': Emily is done with 'A Dark Ali'When we last left the “Pretty Little Liars,” Alison DiLaurentis had maybe never been thrown for as big a loop as when her “kidnapper” came forward with all the details corroborating her story. Ali was possibly more unsettled in that police observation room than when her own mother buried her alive, so. Time for “A Dark Ali.”

Alison’s ‘plan’

Cyrus Petrillo is the man who has confessed to Alison’s kidnapping. He got the recording of her recounting her story to the doctor from Melissa (who stole it from Spencer) and it all matches up, but the police need more than a confession to actually charge him.

Lt. Tanner takes Alison to where Cyrus claims he held her captive and it’s the basement of some abandoned building where Alison actually holed up while she was away — and where Cyrus attacked her, stole her beg and sliced open her leg one night. The memory of that is too much for Alison and she identifies Cyrus as her “kidnapper.”

But wait! There’s a Keyser Soze moment at the very end when it’s revealed that Alison paid Cyrus to come forward. Because of course she did. To what end, we do not yet know. What we also don’t know is if that’s really Alison, or Alison is the one with a twin sister who is gallivanting around Rosewood wreaking havoc.

Emily’s time to shine

When Emily learns that Alison ID’d Cyrus, instead of saying it wasn’t him so as to keep all the Liars out of whatever trap “A” is setting for them, she explodes in a shining supernova of awesome, yelling that she “wasted so much time” on Alison and that she’s “so done” with her.

I’ve never been prouder of Emily. Her character arc on this show has been my absolute favorite and it’s glorious to watch her go from stolen kisses in the library that Alison makes her feel awful about to telling Alison to get bent.

Alison may be a broken doll, for sure. But that does not excuse the way she treats the people who have moved heaven and earth to try to help her, Emily especially.

After her big speech, Emily urges Aria, Hanna and Spencer to cut ties with Alison, which she implies means going along with Spencer’s plan to confess everything to the cops. But it’s left up in the air whether they will actually do that.

The other Liars

Spencer confronts her sister about helping this Cyrus fellow and Melissa continues to be cryptic, until she finally sits down to make a video confession to Spencer before she “leaves on her trip,” which we all know really means Melissa’s toast, right? Seriously if Melissa survives the midseason finale, I will be stunned.

In cheerier news, Hanna sort of decides to stop being a day-drinking slob and also gets Mona to spill some tiny beans about what she’s up to — namely, trying just like the Liars are to figure out what the heck is going on with Alison DiLaurentis.

Finally, Aria still has some major issues to work out with Ezra, which — no kidding. Frankly, the gunshot wound was quite the get out of jail free card for him this season, because he owes Aria some serious answers, and also some serious respect when she asks him not to talk to Alison. But something tells me these two crazy kids will work things out because that’s what this show does with Ezria.

What did you think of “A Dark Ali”?

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