alison pretty little liars halloween 'Pretty Little Liars' EP on Halloween special: 'Nothing we ever do is coincidental. That's all I should say'The Halloween prequel of “Pretty Little Liars” revealed a lot of secrets, so it’s no surprise it was called “The First Secret.” Executive producer Marlene King tells Zap2it it was titled that because it was the first secret for all the girls.

“It’s the first secret – the fact that Ali gets the first text from ‘A’ and we see Aria and Alison see that Byron was having the affair. And Alison realizes Emily is probably gay and she steals the election ballots for Spencer, that Hanna’s mom had met Wilden before. It’s a lot of first secrets,” says King.

“Alison has a secret too. She offered Jenna asylum or basically an invitation to join their group and Jenna turned it down. I don’t think Alison ever told that to the girls, she kept that from them,” King adds.

So is that what sparked “The Jenna Incident,” when Alison blinded Jenna?

“It probably ignited a deep-seated resentment in Alison that she never shared with the PLLs. I think Jenna really didn’t know what she was dealing with with Alison. I think they are very similar girls, but Alison is more manipulative and conniving than Jenna ever understood,” says King.

Speaking of Jenna, at the end of the episode was that Officer Wilden we saw her talking to? We posited to King that perhaps Jenna met Garrett through Officer Wilden – or was involved with Wilden herself.

“That’s going to play out in future episodes. We’re going to find out if they know each other,” says Kinig. “That’s something else we try to do in the episode. We gave fun little nuggets of information that shored up some things we already know, but we also used the episode to plant a lot of clues and mystery details that we’re going to reveal in the next 12 episodes when we come back on the air.”

More mysteries. Excellent. But one mystery whose fire was just fueled by the episode is the identity of “A.” Was “A” the one who attacked Alison in the abandoned house?

“In my mind, that is ‘A,’ says King. “The person taking off the mask in the very last shot of the show is most likely … A-related, I’ll say that.”

The ending shot was definitely creepy, but we also had questions about the opening. What was up with the story Alison told about the girl who killed her sister? It made us suspicious of Alison’s life. Surely that is not coincidental.

“You should be suspicious about her life and it isn’t coincidental. Nothing we ever do is coincidental. That’s all I should say,” says King.

Innnteresting. We can’t wait for “Pretty Little Liars” to return in January 2012. What did you think of the Halloween episode, “PLL” fans?

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