lucy hale ian harding pll 320 'Pretty Little Liars' EPs: Aria and Ezra are soulmates, tease next 12 episodes“Pretty Little Liars” executive producers Oliver Goldstick and Marlene King recorded a podcast for ABC Family about the show so far and moving forward into the back 12 episodes. We’ve got some highlights for you here and the full podcast is embedded below.

On Aria and Mr. Fitz:

MK: They’re soulmates, they’re meant to be together.

OG: This is his soulmate, but on the other hand how can he continue this with a girl who’s 16 years old?

OG: This is something [Aria’s] had to keep to herself, which is a real sign of maturity … recognizing that not everything can be shared.

MK: They’re meant to be together and it’s an unfortunate circumstance … had they just met two years later, they’d be married already probably.

On Hanna:

MK: She’s really growing. In all the characters … Hanna has had the most personal growth … She’s really seeing the world without those rose-colored glasses that she had on when she looked at Alison.

On Toby and Emily:

MK: As we explore the themes of the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ … Toby in Rosewood is Boo Radley and we’ll explore that story even further in the next cycle of episodes.

On Spencer:

OG: We’re also going to be exploring … [Spencer] has the most difficult, thorny relationship with Alison … she’s the one who reappears, says, “She’s gone” … we’re excited to explore what happened that night

MK: And that day. What happened the day and the night that Alison disappeared.

OG: And that will allow us to explore Spencer’s role because she may know a lot more than she even let on to her friends.

Parting Words:  

MK: Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.

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