pretty little liars shes come undone 2 'Pretty Little Liars': Ezra's blurred lines put Aria on tilt, as Spencer wonders if she killed someone“Pretty Little Liars” is hurtling towards its Season 4 finale, with Aria going Spencer-levels of crazy as Spencer plumbs heretofore unseen depths of the same. Paige is awesomely having none of Alison’s B.S. and Hanna is juggling two (soon to be three?) men. Yes.

Alison, Ezra, Aria and Spencer

Aria is on freakin’ tilt after the revelations of last week, so she goes to Ezra’s apartment when he’s not at school. She wants to confront him, but what she finds is so much better — boxes and boxes of his book research. It’s amazing, you guys.

In her anger, she trashes the place and then Emily and Hanna don’t even care to pick it all up and take it with them, but at least someone is using her brain, as Spencer takes a few things with her.

In rifling through the papers she managed to take from Ezra’s, Spencer discovers that during the blank spot in her memory of the night Alison went missing (which presumably is when she was on this previous drug kick), she and Alison were fighting in Ali’s backyard and Spencer threatened her with the shovel — and CeCe Drake and Mrs. DiLaurentis saw the whole thing, with Mrs. D. paying CeCe not to tell anyone.

Naturally, Spencer is now pretty worried that she killed “Alison” (the person everyone thinks is Alison, obviously) and her fears are not allayed by her father and Mrs. DiLaurentis, who are both kind of cagey about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Aria finds out that Ezra has a publisher interested in his book and it’s going to be published, so she just full-on bails.

Emily and Paige (and Alison)

Emily just can’t shake the money off her back of her first love, Alison. Shana gets in touch with Em and tells her to leave Ali’s money in a safe deposit box in Wallingford. Paige sees the money and knows Emily is lying about her supposed “grandmother” who keeps her money in coffee cans (and lasagna boxes, obviously), so Paige tails her to the post office and then confronts her.

Emily tells Paige that Alison is alive and begs Paige not to rat Ali out to anyone because they have to keep her safe from “A,” but Paige says she’ll only do it if Emily cuts off all communication with Alison.

Emily says she’ll agree, but you know she’s lying and Paige knows too — she puts a note about Alison being alive in a cop car at episode’s end. We can’t say we’re all that fussed about it. Paige is the best and Alison sucks.

Hanna, Cowboy Travis and Detective Hottie

Hanna has her own little woo-woo going on this week, with Det. Hottie speaking up for Cowboy Travis and his dad in court (remember how Wilden was blackmailing Travis’ dad?). Not only does Hanna have a couple nice moments with Travis, but then she gives Det. Hottie a smooch as a thank you. It’s an impulsive kiss, not anything calculated, but it’s certainly interesting — especially in the wake of “Ravenswood” being canceled.

That’s our Hanna: So many men, so little time.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Here are some choice pieces from Ezra’s research:
    • Aria: Oddball, artistic, bubbly, independent, 3 years spent in Iceland, tends to be attracted to older, more worldly men; family struggles, dad cheating, “get to know favorite artists”
    • “A few years go by”?
    • “Aria continues to be a wealth of information. My only concern is that I am falling for her and the line between morality and investigative curiosity is becoming increasingly blurred. However, the insight into Aria’s relationship with Alison sheds expansive light as to the possible suspect motives.”
    • “Jason’s a possible suspect, Caleb’s working with Jenna, Mona’s not “A”, Aria doesn’t suspect a thing.”
  • Now, there’s obviously something erroneous going on with the timeline here. Three years in Iceland? “A few years ago by” after Alison’s disappearance? That’s not right at all for the show. The books, yes. But if that was the case here, Alison would’ve gone missing when she was, what, 13 years old? Nope, sorry. It was Labor Day weekend of sophomore year. And while Ezra is definitely a creepy creepster creeping on high school girls, we don’t think he was scamming on 12-year-olds, plus he would not have mistakes a 12-year-old for a college student.
  • This retcon of Spencer’s drug-induced fugue-state year is kind of awesome in the same way Ezra’s book retcon is awesome — what kind of crazy stuff can the creators just invent and say it happened for one of those reasons? Season 5 should be a lot of fun.

Best Lines

Hanna: “Aria, if it were me, I would’ve burned this whole place down.”

Emily: “If anything happens to Ali, I’d never forgive myself. Or you.”

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