sasha pieterse pretty little liars season 4 'Pretty Little Liars': Ezria's fate and the body found will highlight Season 4B“Pretty Little Liars” seemingly brought Alison DiLaurentis back to life in the Halloween special “Grave New World.” Find out what’s next for the back half of Season 4 in Zap2it‘s Q&A with executive producer Joseph Dougherty.

So — was that Alison? Was that for real?

“What other conclusion could you possibly draw? [laughs] That’s Alison. This is the season of answers. We’re going to try to unpack as much of this as we can. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to end up with more mysteries.”

If that was Alison, whose body did they find at Maya’s house?

“Boy, that’s an interesting question isn’t it? That’s one of the major drives of the second half of Season 4. If we can figure that mystery out, maybe we’ll be closer to exactly what happened and why Ali says she can’t come back. Because clearly somebody is dead.”

Let’s talk about Ezra lurking around Ravenswood. Was Gas Mask Ezra? We saw two of them, the one outside the phone booth and the one that Spencer fought with. Was that him both times? Was that someone else? Was it a different person each time?

“I can neither confirm nor deny on that. It could have been him, yes. Could have. There’s a lot going on in that house. Some of it is not the reality — it’s more Ravenswood reality than a Rosewood reality in that house.”

What did Mrs. Grunwald mean when she said the girls had been touched by the one Alison feared the most? Did she mean Spencer and Gas Mask?

“I think you’re going to have to cut Grunwald some poetic slack when she used the word ‘touched.’ When she looks at those three girls, I can make an argument how each one of them was touched by — if you’re taking about Ezra, how each girl was touched by Ezra. Literal is one interpretation, but we’re nasty over here, as you may have noticed. We just sit around here trying to screw with people — in a very nice entertaining way, I should stress.”

What’s coming up for Ezra and Aria in the back half of Season 4?

“Season 4 is the season of answers and unfortunately, some answers can be very unpleasant and can reach to places you might not want to go. … That’s one of Aria’s problems, she’s looking for the perfect romantic moment and that sometimes requires a sort of closing off of reality. She could get herself into some trouble, I think.”

You probably can’t answer this, but are we supposed to think Ezra is the one who has been sending the “A” messages and doing the “A” deeds since Mona went to Radley?

“You’re right, I can’t answer the question. I think there’s more than one force at play in Rosewood. I’d like people to figure that one out for themselves.”

Are Ezra and Aria still “endgame”?

“Define ‘endgame’ in this context. Do you mean it’s the end-all and the be-all?”

Well, writer Bryan Holdman has said that Ezria is “endgame.”

“Gosh, I mean, I wouldn’t want to disagree with Bryan, he’s taller than I am. [laughs] But I think when it comes to relationships on this show, we are prepared to go in different ways. I don’t know. You’ve caught me off guard with another writer saying something that I wouldn’t say as definitively. But that might just be me being cautious.

“The passion for Ezria is arguably the most intense among the fans. The fans are invested in the relationships, they’re invested with them very intensely and they are very protective of these relationships. What we’re doing here is not trying to make trouble for ourselves, but we’re dramatists and drama requires conflict, so these couples wouldn’t be as interesting if it was running completely smoothly for them. Sometimes we have to threaten the relationship.”

Will we see any Wren and/or Melissa in Season 4B?

“Nothing’s impossible.”

How are Spoby in the back half of Season 4? Are they going strong?

“Toby is in the winter premiere. He’s back on the scene. They’re going strong. I personally think there’s some issues with the fact they were both misleading each other to a certain extent when they both were on the ‘A’ team. I think they both have some trust issues there. I think they’re a fairly intense couple.”

What about Paige and Emily?

“I’m partial to Paige and Emily, so I’m very protective of them. … Their relationship is as vulnerable as any other relationship on the show. That’s what makes things interesting, is the conflicts, and whether they can overcome those conflicts.”

“Pretty Little Liars” returns Jan. 7, 2014 on ABC Family.

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