finale jenna 'Pretty Little Liars' finale: 'Something we've never done before'

Finale fever has spread beyond Rosewood, “Pretty Little Liars” fans!

Sure, we had a mild case of the fever before, but after chatting with the show’s executive producer I. Marlene King, let’s just say the fever went up a few degrees. (Don’t worry, we’ll send her our doctor bill.) Is it Monday, Mar. 21, yet?
King told us what fans can expect from the show’s  “biggest episode,” including something “PLL” has never done before. What could it be? You’ll have to read our interview with King to find out. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

What can fans expect from the finale (“For Whom The Bell Tolls”)? We’ve heard you describe it as very Hitchcock.
“There’s a lot to expect from the finale. It’s definitely the biggest episode we’ve shot so far, just in terms of sets and production value. It feels like a mini-movie in a lot of ways. It reminds me a lot of the pilot. It’s really cinematic and it’s like a full circle moment for the show. There are questions that are asked in the pilot that we finally get to answer in the finale so that’s very satisfying for everybody, including me.”
Rumor has it that one of the Liars will be put in a life or death situation, similar to Hanna in the mid-season finale.
“That is true. I’m not going to tell you who. The jeopardy that one of the Liars gets into at the end of the finale is sort of our big Hitchcock piece. You’ll recognize it as soon as that starts to happen.”
Can we expect any flashbacks in the finale?
“I will say during the finale we are going to see a flashback of Alison from someone’s memory other than the Pretty Little Liars. We’ve never done that before so it’s going to be visually different. It’s stylistically different; it’s a whole new kind of flashback. We’re going to open the show to this character’s point of view of Alison as well.”
We know you can’t say too much about the finale. Instead of asking direct questions, let’s play rapid-fire: We say a name and you say a word or two teasing that character’s situation in the finale.

Hanna: Sad
Aria: Sad
Emily: Sad… this isn’t good. I better come up with some other words!
Spencer: In trouble
Ezra: Messed up
Toby: In love
Jenna: Something that’s not going to give anything away… scared
Melissa and Ian: In trouble

pll finale girls 'Pretty Little Liars' finale: 'Something we've never done before'

Will we meet “A” or Alison’s killer?
Is it the same person?
“I can’t say that.”
And then we have someone who has been watching them for a long time. Is it all the same person or three separate people? 
“It’s all going to play out, but I will tell you there is a direct confrontation between one of the Pretty Little Liars and Alison’s killer in the finale.”
We know that Lucas is going to come out of hiding and make an appearance. What can fans expect from his return?
“There’s a scene in the finale that will be the beginning of a bromance for Lucas and one of our guy characters. They are two very unlikely friends who are about to become good friends. It’s really fun.”
What’s the deal with Officer Garrett? He seems a little suspicious.
“He does seem very suspicious, but cute nonetheless. You are definitely going to see more about who Office Garrett is in the finale. There’s some surprising twists for his character that I think are going to be really fun for the fans to watch.”
Zap2it broke the news that Tilky Montgomery Jones would be playing Logan, a character we meet in the finale. What can we expect from him?
“It’s a small but very pivotal moment in the finale when we meet him and we could possibly mistake him for somebody else. He’s very attractive. I was actually going to post some behind the scenes pics on Twitter of the girls hanging out with him. They were like, ‘He could move to town, for sure!’ He was a nice guy and he definitely fit right in.”
Speaking of Twitter, you tweeted that two characters who have never kissed before will share a heart-stopping kiss…
“I’m not going to give you any hints because it will ruin it, but it’s just one of those things we’re you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m seeing this!’ It has a big music build.”
Check back tomorrow for more finale scoop from I. Marlene King, including what you can expect to see happen with two of Rosewood’s hottest romances: Ezra and Aria and Spencer and Toby. 
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