pretty little liars grave new world alison dilaurentis 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween: A 'Ravenswood' villain and juicy ending, teases EP Oliver GoldstickThe annual “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode and “Ravenswood” premiere are almost upon us, fans. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick tells Zap2it that you will not be disappointed by either episode. In fact, he says that the PLL Halloween episode will have fans buzzing as much as the big Ezra reveal from the summer finale.

“I think there’s something awfully

juicy at the end of the episode. Stay tuned, do not give

up, do not go away, do not even reach for a Pringle

because you’ll miss it,” says Goldstick. “It’s a fun episode, it’s a ride.

Ravenswood ends up being a very worthwhile journey for our


Over the course of the Halloween episode, titled “Grave New World,” Caleb meets Miranda Collins (Nicole Gale Anderson), who is coming to Ravenswood to meet her long-lost uncle, Raymond.
“Miranda and Caleb have a lot in common. She’s been shuffled

from foster home to foster home, believing she had no

living relatives … until she found out through a

bureacratic snafu that she actually has an uncle. Her

mother’s brother is very much alive in this town called

Ravenswood and she has set out to meet him,” says Goldstick.

And while Miranda and Caleb has an instant connection, it’s not something that should have Haleb fans worried.

“The connection isn’t romantic. It’s almost as

if they’re looking into a reflection. There’s a

commonality that most people would not understand,” Goldstick continues. “The two

of them bond immediately. There’s a sense of, not

guardianship, but wanting to take care of the person.”

brett dier pretty little liars halloween 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween: A 'Ravenswood' villain and juicy ending, teases EP Oliver GoldstickHowever, not everyone in the town is so keen on Caleb’s arrival — the former high school BMOC Luke Matheson (Brett Dier, right) and his twin sister Olivia (Merritt Patterson) are leery.

“I don’t want to give away too much,” says Goldstick. “But something happens

at the end of the first episode that leads Luke to believe

that Caleb is up to no good. Caleb has brought something

back with him in some way, at least that’s what Luke

believes. That Caleb forebodes or portends something that

is not good for this town. Olivia is wary as well”

But Luke’s girlfriend Remy Beaumont (Britne Oldford) isn’t as scared as the twins. In fact, she’s very interested in what Caleb’s arrival means.

“Remy is fascinated,” says Goldstick. “Remy has her

own theories about what is going on in this town. We like

to say we’d like to put Remy and Spencer Hastings in a

cage match. … They’re similar characters as far as

relentless, tenacious about processing information,

they’re very quick on the draw. But also very — they both

uncover things very quickly because of their tenacity. So

Remy is more intrigued by Caleb than wary.”

As you may have heard, “Ravenswood” is intended to be a good old-fashioned ghost story — and we can look forward to some supernatural powers working their way into the mix.

“This town is haunted, it’s safe to say. This is a

haunted town,” says Goldstick. “There are some powers that those who are no longer with us

may possess. That comes to fruition very early on. By the

third episode, you’ll know that those who are no longer

alive seem to have some special abilities.

“But one of our characters has a sleep disorder and the

sleep disorder leads her to have visions, which can have

an otherworldly, a supernatural quality to it,” he adds.

ian harding pretty little liars halloween 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween: A 'Ravenswood' villain and juicy ending, teases EP Oliver GoldstickThe supernatural aspect of the new ABC Family drama had us wondering if there was a villain — an “A” — that the teens are facing and Goldstick says that there is. Several, in fact.

“There is [a villain] and very much like ‘A,’ it might not be the same

person you think it is. But you know who it is pretty

early on. It’s just a little more of a conspiracy. … I

would say in Ravenswood, there’s reason to believe there’s

more than one person who the kids are up against,” says Goldstick.

And what should you do for the PLL/Ravenswood double feature Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family?

“Turn off the lights and close the curtains and pray there’s not
something crawling beneath your couch,” teases Goldstick. “And jump in ’cause it’s a really
fun ride.”

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