pretty little liars halloween special season 4 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween, 'Ravenswood' premiere pics: Is Ezra gas mask?There are pictures out of “Pretty Little Liars” annual Halloween special and the series premiere of “Ravenswood,” which air back-to-back on Oct. 22. See all the pictures in our photo gallery.

Above, Ezra is in a World War I soldier’s uniform like we saw in the A-tag of the summer finale — but does that mean he’s “A”? We don’t know if “A” = gas mask, plus there is at least one other person in that same outfit. That other gas mask is Luke, local Ravenswood resident played by Brett Dier.

Below, in the “Ravenswood” premiere, Caleb and Miranda look at what we are assuming is the tombstone with Caleb’s face on it. We can’t wait to find out what that’s all about.

Only 27 more days, “PLL” and “Ravenswood” fans!

ravenswood premiere oct 22 tyler blackburn nicole gale anderson 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween, 'Ravenswood' premiere pics: Is Ezra gas mask?
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