pretty little liars hot for teacher ian harding 'Pretty Little Liars': Is Ezra 'A'? The evidence is mountingOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” the evidence keeps mounting against Ezra as “A,” someone seems to have scared Shana off for good and sad Alison is riding the saddest bus to Sadsville.

Alison, A and co.

The episode opens with Alison talking to Shana on two pay phones: “I need it, there’s no other choice. I know I told you to avoid her, but you’ll have to get in touch with her. … She can’t know yet. Do you think you can get it?”

Later, Shana confesses to Emily she was trying to get something from Alison’s bedroom, a poster with twins on it. Inside the backing is $5000 in cash, wrapped with a piece of paper that has written on it two email addresses (barilevolanti@someting and plus a phone number, (212) 555-0183.

Meanwhile, Ezra keeps skulking around, being super sketchy. He knows Spencer is up to something and starts snooping through her school files. He and Aria go away for the weekend to his cabin, though Aria feels really guilty lying to her friends about being back together with her.

Fitz wields some magical manipulation on her, urging her to feel like he is the person she’s closest to, the person she shares everything with. Aria eats it up, even though to the viewing audience it sounds like he’s going to start keeping her in a box and chopping off her limbs.

When he gets Aria out of the cabin on an errand, Fitz goes down into the hidden space under the floor and sits down at his new “A” lair, which we are obviously supposed to think is all his stuff from Ravenswood. He spies Emily taking an envelope from the DiLaurentis house.

Later that night, someone kidnaps Shana and takes her outside Rosewood with a message not to come back. This means that Alison won’t get the money because Shana is the only person who possibly knows where Alison is. With no money, she’s stuck and therefore vulnerable. The last we see of her is a sad, lonely bus ride somewhere.

Hanna and Spencer

Spencer’s totally tweaking on Adderall, completely obsessed with researching Ezra and finding out how he’s connected to Alison and if he really is “A.” Hanna is the only one who seems to notice and/or care.

Spencer blows Hanna off, so Hanna uses the classic nail polish ruse to sneak into Spencer’s bedroom when she’s not home and snoops on her laptop, figuring out that Spencer is looking into Ezra for some reason. Hanna confronts Spencer, calling her crazy for thinking Ezra is “A.”

But Spencer wants to prove it, so they break into Ezra’s apartment — which Ezra sees via email attachment of someone sending him pictures and via his spy cam in the hallway. Spencer spots the hidden cam and books, reconvening with Hanna and Emily to spell out for them what she’s learned.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • In case you were curious, “barile volanti” means flying barrel in Italian. But that doesn’t mean anything to us in the context of the show. Maybe because Alison can fly planes?
  • Nice to see Hanna doing some bonding with Det. Hottie. He’s not her teacher and seems like a good guy, so that’s a dalliance we can get behind. Though we also thought Ezra was a good guy and look how that’s going now.
  • Get ready for next Tuesday, Liars fans. We’ve seen “Shadow Play” and it is awesome.
  • Our “Ezra is not ‘A'” theory isn’t looking so great, but we’re holding firm that there’s way more to it than what we’re seeing so far this season.

Best Lines:

Hanna: “Shana has too many faces to trust. I’ve been keeping count, I’m running out of fingers.”
Aria: “I’ve got a finger you can use. It’s not the nice kind.”

What did you think of “Hot for Teacher”?

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