mona-PLL2.jpg“Pretty Little Liars” capped off its second season with a roller coaster of an episode, culminating in Janel Parrish‘s Mona being revealed as “A” and being locked away in a mental hospital. Parrish spoke with Zap2it about Mona’s motivations and what we can look forward to when PLL returns for Season 3.

So you’re “A”! How did you feel when you found out?

“I was super excited. I had heard whispers that it might go in that direction ever since the pilot, only because Mona is ‘A’ in the books and it’s such a big thing to change. But the writers were always coy about it, so I tried not to get too attached to the idea. But I always hoped that would be where it went. So I was super excited when I read the script for the finale. It was so hard not to call everybody in my life and tell them.”

It seemed like the way the episode left things, possibly Mona is just one of A’s minions. Like perhaps we haven’t gotten the whole story there?

“Well, Mona is definitely ‘A’. But there could be more to the story and that’s what we’re leading to for Season 3. Season 3 will focus on Mona explaining how she did what she did, if there are people helping her, who and why, who her visitor was and just all those things will be revealed in Season 3.”

Congratulations on being made a series regular for Season 3, by the way. We hope we don’t just see you in the mental ward the entire season.

“When the Season 3 premiere starts, it’s actually going to take place six months after the finale ended, so Mona will have spent six months in the sanitarium by the time the premiere comes around. So you will find out more about what has happened in the time when you saw the girls last.”

So did you find out before everyone else that you were “A”?

“I asked Marlene a bunch of times, because I had a couple of scenes and to determine how I would play it, I had to know if that was where she was still going with it. So throughout the season, I’d be like, ‘Hey am I still ‘A’? What’s the deal?” and she’d coyly say, ‘As of now, yes. But it could change.’ So I always had it in the back of mind and I tired to play my scenes as if I knew I was ‘A’.”

So you knew at the start of Season 2?

“Yes. I had a very strong idea that that’s where they were going. But they did say that things could change, so I tried not to get super excited about the idea. So when I got the finale script and finally saw that’s where it went, I was very, very excited.”

Was Mona’s obsession with Alison the driving force behind all of this?

“Definitely the fact that she wanted so badly to be like Alison. And when Alison died, Mona tried so hard to fill her shoes. And Dr. Sullivan did say in the finale that Mona has a personality disorder, so she’s not of sound mind. But she’s also a very smart girl. She has a plan for everything she does. You’ll find out more about that in Season 3.”

We found it really interesting that Spencer found those black swan sketches, but then there was actually a girl dressed as the black swan at the dance? Do you know who that was, even if you can’t tell us?

“I do.”

Is that something we might find out in Season 3?

“Yes, I think it will. Everything is connected. The puzzle pieces will start to come together.”

So Lucas might have something to do with “A”?

“Could be…. I don’t know.” [laughs]

Let’s talk about the other big bombshell for a minute – Maya’s been dead this whole time and “A” has been texting/calling Emily as Maya. We find it really interesting that “A” doesn’t necessarily have to be Maya’s killer – Mona could’ve just known about it and taken advantage of it.

“Yeah. There are a lot of pieces to the story that people don’t even know about. Maya’s killer might not necessarily be the same person who killed Alison. Or ‘A’ might not necessarily be the same person who killed Maya.  That’s where Season 3 comes in, you will find out more about all those pieces.”

We can hardly wait to get more of the puzzle. “Pretty Little Liars” returns to ABC Family Tuesday, June 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. For more information, visit ABC Family’s official PLL site.

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