lucy hale pretty little lia 'Pretty Little Liars'' Lucy Hale talks Simone: 'Aria will fight for her man'Get ready for two new arrivals in Rosewood, “Pretty Little Liars” fans: Simone (Alona Tal) and Aria’s (Lucy Hale) jealous side.

Aria’s former babysitter is finally making her long-awaited appearance and probably won’t be making fans out of viewers rooting for Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria’s relationship. Simone is described as the “older, more mature version” of Aria. We’re thinking “older” is the key word there as Ezra wouldn’t face jail time dating her. Five points for Simone.

spoke with Hale about Simone and her affect on Ezra and Aria’s relationship. “Everything’s sort of great until Simone hits it off very nicely with Ezra and so that sort of rubs Aria the wrong way,” she says. “You get to see a jealous side of her and see her really fight for her man.”

Aria’s jealous side can be seen in the preview for the Jan. 24 episode, “Careful What U Wish 4,” when she surprises Ezra with coffee, only to find out he already has plans… with Simone. Ezra seems pretty smitten with Simone’s writing and eager to meet up with her, no?

Harding, way back in October, told us about Ezra’s feelings for Simone. “Let’s just say there’s some chemistry that happens between us,” he reveals. “I will leave that for you all to decide, but… there are
some mutual interests they share. There are some loaded exchanges.”

Are you excited to meet Simone, Zappers?

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