mona-PLL.jpgThere were a couple interesting developments this week on “Pretty Little Liars.”

First off, Mona starts getting texts from “A” about Hanna’s mom sleeping with Wilden to get Hanna out of trouble. Instead of caving and putting Hanna’s police report in the Rosewood Observer, Mona comes clean about shoplifting and gets community service. This is not the last Mona will see of “A,” but we like her joining the Liars and hope she’s not going to turn out to be “A” herself.

Meanwhile, in the latest snippet of the video of the night of ALi’s murder taped in her bedroom features Melissa bursting in. The girls all want Melissa to swing for it, but Spencer asks for one night to talk to her. However, Melissa bails on Spencer to ride off with Garrett, who had been showing up at her OBGYN appointments (per Wren). And then she drops the bomb on Spencer that

Spencer goes home with Wren instead, totally drunk, and OHMIGODSQUEE we love Spencer and Wren so much. Toby who? And Wren is a gentleman, not taking advantage of Spencer in her drunk state.

The man wanting money in exchange for Vivian Darkbloom information appears this episode to have scammed the Liars with the address of a creepy old man, but we’re fairly confident that will not turn out to be what it seems. Any ideas about who the creepy old man was?

In Ezria news, Ezra gets the job offer from New Orleans and he wants to take it – not only because Byron is on to him and Aria, but because it’s a good
opportunity. Aria confronts Ella about her parents setting Ezra up to
leave town and how now they’ve lost her too. Elle shows up at Ezra’s apartment to talk with Ezra and Aria. She wants to understand, at least, so good for Ella.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Maya is still being a jerk to Emily, but thankfully Paige is back (and looking hot with some new hair). We’re rooting for a Paige/Emily reconciliation, but when Garrett turns up at Emily’s house at the end wanting to talk about Maya, we certainly don’t hope Maya’s dead or anything.
  • Spencer snapping, “I’m the money.” was down-right hilarious. Way to make that sound bad a**, Troian Bellisario.
  • That version of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” at the end was beautiful. Does anybody know who that’s by?

What did you think, PLL fans?

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