pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 50 Ways To Leave Your MonaToby falls off a building and breaks his arm, thanks to A, so after a very ****ing uncomfortable visit from Sister Dear, Spencer decides that she needs to make their breakup permanent. Wren is only too happy to play along, as her new fake boyfriend, but it’s Emily that has to deliver the news — and by episode’s end, Toby’s left Spencer the Truckbaby and run off into the late afternoon. Oh, and if you were worried that Jenna was just rebounding back to her brother after Garrett, I wouldn’t: She’s once again having creepy public dates with the one and only Noel Kahn.

About whom Mona is still weeping insanely. Maybe he really did break her. But Hanna finally realizes that — just because her own, her friends’, and her great love’s life are at stake — doesn’t mean she can’t take a moment to dish about Noel Kahn. Especially once she’s destroyed Caleb’s USB drive by, for some reason, tossing it in the blender — pissing him off and breaking the appliance, of course, but doing little to impede the investigation.

Which investigation itself, well, you know the drill: Some twists, some turns, some shocks, nothing really matters that much. The reason A is so obsessed with the box comes back up when Caleb’s video technology reveals that Garrett, Jenna and Ian were in Alison’s bedroom the night she was murdered, going through her **** and talking mad trash about her. So the Liars dive back into the box, finally locating that doll inside which Ali was keeping all her threatening notes and scary evidence, and realize that Alison was being stalked and harassed by A long before her death, which we knew from Halloween. What we didn’t know is that Ian taped this little NAT Club meeting in her room precisely because Garrett wanted out.

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