pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Pop Up Fashion RoadkillMrs. DiLaurentis is back in town, getting yelled at by Spencer’s dad for a Jason Thing or Jason-Related Thing. All we know by the end of the episode is that Mrs. D was responsible for keeping Jason out of Rosewood, didn’t, and that Spencer’s dad does not want her hanging around with Jason.*

Which is probably best, because even after Aria tries some wacky mind games on him he still can’t remember the day his sister Alison died. What he can remember, still, is how cute her pink hair-stripes looked when she was even younger of a child than she is now. One thing Aria can’t seem to remember is how she has a boyfriend named Ezra Fitz, which helps explain her total fascination with Jason D.

*(That’s basically Spencer’s whole deal this week, although she logs some obligatory cuteness time with Toby and nearly murders Mona.)

Mrs. D drunkenly gives girls these four dresses that used to belong to the dead girl so they can wear them in the big fashion show; Hanna, of course, points out how insane that is immediately, but they all go through with it as a sort of tribute. This scene with Mrs. DiLaurentis is probably the best scene, but then you see the insane clothes of the fashion show and you’re like, maybe not. (If Jenna were in the fashion show that would obviously have been the most amazing part, but she was probably busy potting.)

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