pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Swingin' Around At NothingA mysterious Spencer flashback reveals that home was not a particularly safe place for Alison. Of course, Spencer can identify: Melissa’s continuing to creep about (and possibly forgetting parts of their childhood), their parents are still gone despite a record number of awful things happening to their daughters over a couple of weeks, Jason might be harboring Ian next door, and mysterious assailants could be jumping out at you from anywhere at any time.

Her solution, which indicates she’s not operating at full capacity: Hock Melissa’s wedding ring, buy Toby a truck, and get them both out of their unnatural sister-situations forever. In the end, we learn that Melissa’s been sneaking out to see Wren (!), not Ian — which could mean it was never Ian’s baby at all and thus is not Of Satan.

Aria’s first half-day at college involves Jackie Molina immediately figuring out that her ex-fianc� is dating a child, and then ending up in a Ceramics class with Creepy Jenna Cavanaugh, whom you might remember as the girl Aria and her friends 1) set on fire, 2) blinded, and 3) beat up later in the bathroom.

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