pretty little liars scream for me recap 'Pretty Little Liars': In 'Scream for Me,' Alison's web of lies expandsOn the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” we get more information about Bethany Young’s connection to Mrs. DiLaurentis and Alison continues spinning her horrible web of lies.

Alison’s acting job

Alison really is having a bit of a meltdown about everything. She feeds Lt. Tanner some total BS about the person who kept her captive for two years being the person who killed her mom, but Lt. Tanner is like, “Have you met me? Try again,” complete with a withering Roma Maffia look.

Alison’s dad is going out of town, because no parents in Rosewood are ever around — except Ashley Marin, who is practically Mother of the Year despite being in a serious relationship with chardonnay. So that is who Alison turns to in her time of loneliness and fear, naturally.

But it’s all an act — Alison doesn’t just need a responsible adult, she needs a responsible adult who will fall for her crap and start to take an interest in her kidnapping story, so Alison has Noel Kahn break into the Marin house. Ashley has to call the police, because she’s genuinely scared, and gives Lt. Tanner quite the dressing down for not having caught Alison’s kidnapper yet.


Aria continues to really step her investigative game by getting “Big Rhonda to spill the big beans” at Radley regarding Bethany Young. Apparently the mysterious Ms. Young used to be checked out of Radley to go on field trips by one Mrs. DiLaurentis. The guy at the stables who used to help them out says Mrs. D. wanted Bethany to call her “Aunt Jessie” and he “knew they weren’t related.”

So, if Bethany was involved in Toby’s mom’s death — is she Toby’s twin? Is that the twin twist we’re headed for? It certainly could be that Mrs. D. and Mr. Hastings had twins, Jason and Bethany, but then why would the stable hand specifically say that the knew they weren’t related?

Hanna’s downward spiral

This sums it up nicely:

As I said above, Ashley Marin continues to be the best parent in Rosewood by a considerable margin. So Hanna has clearly got a mom-tervention coming her way — and she is actually the one who most desperately needs a responsible adult right now, not only because of her drinking problem, but because Aria’s mom’s fiance Zach is macking on her hardcore.

When Hanna tries to tell her friends about Zach, things get pretty ugly. Spencer and Emily are only kind of a-holes about it, asking Hanna if maybe she misinterpreted Zach’s advances. But Aria gets gross, blaming the victim in a pretty disgusting way. “Did you invite him into your car?” she asks, as Hanna just stares at her in disbelief.

Sure, Hanna’s obviously going through some stuff, but you guys live in Rosewood. I have no problem buying that yet another adult male in this town is inappropriately interested in a teenage girl because that’s, like, a requirement for residency. My only quibble as a viewer is that there’s no groundwork for this about-face on Zach’s part and that’s irritating. He always seemed great.

Coach Emily

In spilling the small beans about Emily being voted assistant coach by the Rosewood swim team, Sydney reveals that drunk Hanna opened her big mouth about New York (after Sydney lied to Emily that Hanna didn’t say anything about NYC). It seems to be a big slip-up on Sydney’s part, but you never know if it was all part of some plan she cooked up with Jenna and Mona, to let Emily know that she knows about New York.

Spencer and Officer Toby

Spencer makes a discovery at the stables where Mrs. D used to take Bethany — Melissa’s old riding helmet. We don’t yet know what this means, but the “A” tag does involve the hoodie’d mysterioso affectionately fondling Melissa’s riding helmet.

And Toby is joining the police academy. You know what the “PLL” spinoff should have been? Toby and Caleb having wacky hijinks at the police academy, just like the ’80s movies.

Line of the night: “Are you here to finger paint or speed-date the orderlies?,” Radley nurse to Aria.

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