sasha pieterse pretty little liars season 5 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, episode 2 'Whirly Girlie': Back on planet AlisonOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars” episode, Alison gets the Liars wrapped up in the biggest lie yet, and Mrs. DiLaurentis is found.

Alison/The DiLaurentis family

Alison decides to “protect” Aria after she gets an anonymous text about what happened in NYC. It’s not from “A,” it’s from Mona (turns out), but either way, Alison lies about where she’s been, telling the police some dude held her kidnapped for two years and just a month ago she escaped and her friends have been hiding her.

We don’t buy for one second that this would fly with the police, though it’s hilarious that Aria is the one who realizes they have to make at least a cursory attempt to create Alison’s supposed hideout. But Holbrook, who was quite the Encyclopedia Brown just a week ago as he magically figured out the girls were at the Fitzgerald theater (which, btw, defied all laws of space and time), does not seem to smell a rat. Yet.

Aria and Her Madness

No Ezra this week, which is actually kind of awesome because it lets Lucy Hale sink her teeth into the material of Aria dealing with having killed someone instead of pining away over her elderly lover. This should be a fun downward spiral to watch.

The Rest of Them

Toby is back to sex Spencer up, looking werewolfier than ever, growing his moptop out to fill the Caleb-shaped void in Rosewood; Emily is still so obviously in love with Alison that it’s kind of painful to watch; and Hanna is busy being the brains of the operation, hellbent on figuring out just what Jason knows and where Mrs. DiLaurentis is.

It turns out she’s in a hole in the backyard, which we all knew but now the Liars know.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Who here thinks Melissa is the one who killed the girl in Alison’s grave? And now she’s properly guilty because she knows it’s some random girl, not the girl she thought was sleeping with her boyfriend. That would be just like her. Now, why Melissa wouldn’t know it was some random girl and not Alison, we don’t yet know.
  • What was up with the old miner from “Scooby-Doo” lurking around outside the building Jason visited in Philadelphia? We hope he comes back.
  • The girls keep reiterating how Shana was “A” and it’s all over now, but we all know better, right? Ain’t no way the “A” storyline goes out with such a whimper like that.
  • Line of the night goes to Mrs. Hastings:
    Toby: “If you want, you can call him.”
    Mrs. Hastings
    : “Please, Wren? I’d rather stick a knife in the toaster.”

What did you think of “Whirly Girlie”?

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