pretty little liars surfing the aftershocks mona girl 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, episode 3: Was that the Black Widow with Mona?Some headway is made on Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder on “Pretty Little Liars” this week, plus there’s a new girl in town and perhaps the reappearance of someone we’ve met before.

Alison/A/The DiLaurentis family

Everyone’s favorite dead girl is running around Rosewood, being mean to her friends (see below), going to see Mr. Fitz and creepily dressing for her mom’s funeral in the outfit her mom wore to Alison’s funeral. Should we be surprised that Alison can’t help but get a poke at “hefty Hanna” in? Not at all. Alison has changed in a lot of ways, but she’s still not a very nice person.

Meanwhile, Jason has an alibi for his mother’s time of death — and of course he does, because Spencer is almost always right on this show and she never thought for a second that it was him. But who else would Mrs. DiLaurentis protect? A third DiLaurentis child that somehow Melissa knows about? Is that the big secret, maybe?

No “A” messages this week, but we guarantee it’s coming. And while it’s not an “A” message, what was up with the painting at the funeral home? Any guesses?

Aria and Ezra

The guilt over Shana’s death is weighing heavily on Aria and now she has the added bonus of having to talk to Ezra about what happened, making sure he won’t blow Alison’s cover in regards to her kidnapping lie. Initially she doesn’t confess to killing Shana, but eventually Aria has to come clean and of course Fitz is nothing but supportive of her murder spree.

Kidding, kidding. But an Ezria “Bonnie & Clyde” would be kind of amazing.

Emily and Paige

Paige wants to get back together with Emily, but Emily can’t get past all that happened with Paige outing Alison’s return. It’s sad to watch, fingers crossed these two crazy kids can work things out. And hopefully new girl Sydney won’t get in the way. She claims to only be interested in swimming, but nobody in Rosewood is ever just up to what it seems they’re up to on the surface, right?

“Watch me in the pool,” indeed.

The Hastings family

Encyclopedia Spencer is on the case of Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder, tracking down the mysterious email that Jessica didn’t send the night she died. Melissa tells Spencer to drop it and then starts to say that maybe she and Mr. Hastings should tell Spencer whatever it is we’re all dying to find out.

Um, do they know Spencer at all? This will only make it worse for her. She has to know the answer! Talk about enabling, this is going to make her a drug addict again. As Jason says, you can either be right or be happy, but for someone like Spencer, they’re one and the same.

Mona Higgins and Hanna Doolittle

The best storyline of the week is that with Alison back in town, Hanna is having an identity crisis because she became the Alison when Alison left. So, who is Hanna now? Especially since we find out that it was Mona who “My Fair Lady”-ed Hanna into the queen bee we all knew at the start of the series and not the other way around.

Hanna dyeing her hair at the end is a nice touch and leaves us wondering two things: A) Who is Hanna going to become now? and B) Who was that with Mona?!

Is that possibly the same woman who was the Black Widow at Wilden’s funeral? We sincerely hope so.

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