pretty little liars thrown from the ride recap 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, episode 4: Mr. Hastings looks guiltier and guiltierOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” the Liars are avoiding Alison and her whirling dervish of lies. But she sucks them back in anyway.


Alison has to submit to a medical exam for the police and she’s understandably freaking out (because there’s not much evidence that anything happened to her). But it turns out there’s one mysterious injury on her leg that has scarred over, which means it’s certainly more than a month old.

Alison won’t tell Hanna what it’s from, but instead just wants the Liars to memorize what she told the doctor (and recorded) so that they keep their stories straight. The Liars were already avoiding her, but this latest behest puts everyone on edge.


Speaking of one edge, Aria is already losing it. It’s also understandable, she did just kill a girl. But she’s obsessing over a video she finds online of Shana’s funeral. Now, let’s suspend our disbelief that that actually exists and focus on the fact that drives Aria back into Ezra’s arms. Not literally (yet), but she almost stays over at his house, so you know it’s only a matter of time.

Hanna & Emily

The two who were affected most by Hurricane Alison don’t have any major developments this week. Hanna is sporting some kicky new hair, but that’s not enough to appease her identity crisis, so she’s back to shoplifting. Emily, meanwhile, is forging a friendship with Sydney and reconnecting with Paige, while avoiding Alison and all the feelings that come with that.

When Paige circumspectly tips Emily off to Mona’s Army, Emily tries to warn Alison off going back to school, but Alison is having none of it. Next week should be fun.

The Hastings family

The MVP plotline belongs to Spencer this week. Not only is hot Andrew back …

… but the evidence is mounting that Mr. Hastings killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, which of course means that he didn’t because that’s how shows like this work. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Melissa did it and Mr. Hastings knows. In fact, perhaps Melissa killed the girl in the grave and that’s what Mrs. D. was going to spill.

Of course, Mrs. D’s killer could be someone not in the Hastings family but in the DiLaurentis family — click on this post if you want to know who we think it is, but be warned of big spoilers. We warned you.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We love, love, love that Lucas’ first instinct is to lay off Alison because of what she went through (before Mona tells him it was a lie). He’s such a good guy, please find Lucas a love interest. Boy deserves some love.
  • I’m shipping Spencer and Andrew so hard. Toby who? Seriously, I was never a huge Spoby fan and with Andrew in the picture, I’m even less of one. Spandrew FTW.
  • The acting this season is so top-notch. Sasha Pieterse in particular is killing it.

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