pretty little liars shadow play ashley benson lucy hale 'Pretty Little Liars'   'Shadow Play' spoilers: Paily fans are in for a treatIn one week, “Pretty Little Liars” is airing “Shadow Play,” an episode where the entire gang is transported back to a 1940s film noir setting, courtesy of Spencer’s recent foray into the Adderall game. Here are a few juicy tidbits to tide you over until the episode airs:

  • The noir part of the episode is one of the most beautifully shot things on TV in recent memory. The costumes, the hair and makeup, the dialogue, the music, the cinematography — everything is gorgeous, particularly Troian Bellisario. Of course the whole cast looks great, but her offbeat beauty really shines in the old-fashioned style. She is stunning.
  • The entire noir device takes place in Spencer’s head, which is interesting on a different level because Spencer’s such a smart girl. Her subconscious is constantly telling her things, specifically that she has “all the pieces,” she just has to put them together.
  • The silver diary plays a big role in the episode, with the Liars figuring out a key bit of information about it.
  • Rejoice, Paily fans. You’re in for a treat. The stuff between Emily and Paige is really lovely.
  • Alison fans will likewise be pleased as she figures heavily into the episode, and Mona makes an appearance, though maybe not as much as some would like. You can never have too much Mona Vanderwaal.
  • Brush up on your Raymond Chandler — there’s a quote used from him a couple of times. And he’s just a good author if you’re into detective stories.
  • Some choice lines: “Who sharpened your tongue, little girl?” and “It’s safe, you can come out now. I’ll take care of you.” You have to wait to find out who says them.

Overall, kudos to the “Pretty Little Liars” team for tackling such a tricky plot device and pulling it off beautifully. You’re going to love it, PLL fans.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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