On an all new “Pretty Little Liars,” a couple familiar faces are back in town and Mona appears to have chosen a side. Check out these sneak peek clips of “Bite Your Tongue.”

Above, good ol’ Maggie Cutler (guest star Larisa Oleynik) is back, telling Ezra that Malcolm is back in Seattle because she changed her mind about letting Ezra see him. Also, she’s got a blonde bob — do you think it was her in the car that Ezra was yelling at last episode?

But then why would he lie to Aria and say it was her lawyer? Why tell a half-truth? Though either way, Maggie confirms his story, at least so far in that she won’t let him see Malcolm. But is that really what he was up to when he supposed to be in Philadelphia? Hmm.

Below, Mona calls out the Liars (though only Aria is there to hear it, unfortunately) about how after she helped Hanna’s mom get out of jail, they kind of ditched her. Um, no kidding. We thought Mona was going to be the fifth musketeer, what’s up with that?

In the third clip, it looks as though Spencer’s going the Jessie Spano route, as she asks hot decathlete Andrew (guest star Brandon W. Jones) for whatever prescription drugs he’s taking to stay awake. In a later episode, the drugs will be the catalyst for Spencer’s 1940s noir-style episode, which is awesome, but we doubt she’ll bust out any Pointer Sisters songs, which is too bad.

Finally, somebody’s in Emily’s house! Who is it? Do you think it’s Alison, or did Spencer scare her off for a good long while?

“Pretty Little Liars” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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