troian lucy shay ashley pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars': The hunt is on for a VIP screening of premiereDying to know who ran over Hanna? Can’t wait to find out if Ezra and Aria will continue their forbidden relationship? Still speculating with your friends about who turned Toby into the police?

Don’t want to wait until Jan. 3 to get the answers to all your burning “Pretty Little Liars” questions? Well, you’re in luck because we know a way for you to get a VIP sneak screening of the mid-season premiere.

ABC Family is hosting a seven-week long online scavenger hunt, which began Nov. 1, called the “Pretty Little Liars Secret Seekers.” Be forewarned that you will have to deal with the mysterious “A” to get clues. Each week the life-ruiner will hack into, the show’s official Facebook fan page, and the PLL Insiders text campaign to post missions for you to complete in order to access the clues.

The first person to email “A” the answer to the mystery at the end of the seven week hunt wins the grand prize: VIP screening of the mid-season premiere hosted in your hometown along with 10 of your friends on Jan. 2.

To join the hunt, go to

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Photo: ABC Family

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