alexis neiers gi 'Pretty Wild': Alexis Neiers says sexual abuse led her to heroin addiction

Alexis Neiers, real-life member of “The Bling Ring” and former star of E! reality show “Pretty Wild,” says she was sexually molested as a child.
“I now understand that what took place is classified as rape,” writes Neiers in a blog post she wrote for Vice. “It took years of depression and heroin addiction for me to understand the trauma that drew me to substances that could leave me numb.”
Neiers describes in fairly graphic detail the sexual assault experiences she says happened at the hand of a male family member — experiences that she recalled later in life and worked through as part of her addiction treatment. 
“So here I am, four years after my memories returned, reporting the abuse to the authorities and sharing it with the world,” she writes. “To prevent him from abusing other children and to begin the healing process, I had to speak up.”
Neiers was one of the real-life teens who inspired Sofia Coppola‘s 2013 film, “The Bling Ring” after being accused of robbing Hollywood celebrities including Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom. She made no secret about her opinions on the veracity of the story told in the movie.
Neiers served 30 days in jail on a felony conviction related to the so-called “Bling Ring” crimes. She is now a drug rehab counselor at a facility in Malibu, Calif.
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