drew carey price is right lawsuit brandi cochran gi 'Price is Right' lawsuit victory for Brandi Cochran overturned

The price is wrong for Brandi Cochran. The former model on “The Price is Right” had filed a lawsuit against the show’s producers, claiming wrongful termination. Cochran believes she was discriminated against, after not being welcomed back to the show following maternity leave. A jury saw truth in her claim, awarding Cochran nearly $8.5 million.
However, E! Online reports the decision has been overturned. Defense attorneys argued that the judge did not properly instruct the jury to determine whether or not pregnancy discrimination was a “substantial motivating factor” in Cochran not being asked back. The California State Supreme Court agreed, overturning the ruling.
Mark Haddad, a lawyer for the defense, is happy with the development, saying, “We’re very pleased the judge recognized that if the jury had been properly instructed, they may well have ruled in favor of ‘The Price is Right.'” Cochran’s attorney is looking on the bright side, hopeful that his client will now be able to get an even larger settlement.
Now the lawsuit heads to a retrial, with a hearing scheduled March 22.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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