tim griffin prime suspect nbc 'Prime Suspect's' Tim Griffin: 'These writers are the best writing staff I've ever come across'
“Prime Suspect” premieres Thursday night and star Tim Griffin tells Zap2it he’s been getting a very typical response from peopel who have seen the premiere episode – “I saw the pilot, you are so mean to Maria!”

They are speaking, of course, of series star Maria Bello, who plays the brash, no-nonsense NYPD detective Jane Timoney. Griffin plays a detective in Timoney’s new squad, part of the so-called “Beef Trust” that is less than thrilled to see Timoney join the ranks.

“I am part of the infamous Beef Trust. My character is Det. Augie Blando.
He’s like every squad room cut-up, keeps it light with humor,” says Griffin. “He’s one
of the best characters I’ve ever been able to play. It goes in some
fantastic directions. These writers are the best writing staff I’ve ever
come across.”

Bello was similarly complimentary of the team of writes, which includes a retired NYPD gold shield detective. Griffin says we’ll be surprised with the way the writers go with the series.

“The way you’ll be happily surprised is the way these relationships evolve. You see a hint of it in the pilot, as some of us start to warm up to her,” says Griffin. “She’s so undeniably good at her job. She’s a forthright, brash person who does things her own way and you gotta respect it. It’s wonderful the way the squad evolves into quasi-friendships and alliances. There’s this underlyinig humor that ties us all together, it’s really exciting to see.”

“Prime Suspect” airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC. What did you think of the first episode?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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