prince harry royal air force helicopter Prince Harry branded a drunken jackal by Afghan warlord HekmatyarAfghan insurgent warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a former Afghan prime minister who now leads a militant faction, has branded Britain’s Prince Harry as a shameless, drunken “jackal” who is out to kill innocent Afghans while flying a helicopter for NATO forces in Afghanistan, reports Reuters.

In translated comments, Hekmatyar says, “It seems that some British authorities still dream about the times
of the 18th and 19th century and they want their ambassador to be
treated like a viceroy and their prince to go out in uniform to hunt for
human beings and play the Satanic role that they used to play in the

“The British prince comes to Afghanistan to kill innocent Afghans while he is drunk. He wants to hunt down Mujahideen with his helicopter rockets without any shame. But he does not understand this simple fact that the hunting of Afghan lions and eagles is not that easy. Jackals cannot hunt lions,” Hekmatyar continues.

A spokesman for Britain’s Ministry of Defence says that it is “nonsense” to suggest that a British pilot would be drunk and flying a helicopter.

These comments are not the first time Afghan factions have made remarks about Prince Harry. Previously the Taliban said that they will be trying to kidnap or kill the prince while he is deployed in the region.

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