prince harry plane Prince Harry dating lingerie model Florence Brudenell Bruce?In more royal sib news, the U.K.’s Daily Mail is reporting that bonny Prince Harry, the rough-and-tumble brother of the recently wed Prince William, is dating lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce. Or, rather, meeting Brudenell-Bruce for a series of “secret trysts.”

This despite Harry’s recent assertion that he’s “100 percent single,” he’s apparently been spotted making time with Brudenell-Bruce and spending time at her Notting Hill home.

And, because stuff like this apparently figures into tabloid gossip in London, comely young Florence is “a descendant of the seventh Earl of Cardigan who led the Charge of the Light Brigade.” Which obviously makes her way more attractive than, say, some lingerie model whose ancestors merely churned butter or were pressed into service in the Royal Navy.

Watch Florence in this cell phone service ad:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson