Publishers have wasted no time capitalizing on the engagement of the century (well, ever since Prince Charles and Princess Di’s). Prince William and Kate Middleton are already the subject of numerous books expected to be published prior to their April 29 Westminster Abbey wedding. 
“William and Kate: A Royal Love Story,” penned by New York Times bestselling author, Christopher Anderson, is just one of several books to be released on both sides of the pond about the subject. His previous titles include “Barack and Michelle” and “The Day Diana Died.”
People reports that his latest literary venture includes many colorful– albeit unconfirmed — morsels of the couple’s fascinating story, including details of their awkward (and hilarious) first encounter.
According to the biography, Kate curtsied slightly upon being introduced to the Prince. He responded in kind by spilling a drink all over himself. If that’s not love at first sight, we don’t know what is. 
The biography is expected to be released Dec. 21. Just in time to be a bestselling stocking stuffer. 
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci