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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is not the only Royal family member working hard as a patron for various charities. Prince William is the Royal patron of Tusk Trust, an organization working hard to expose and prevent the illegal poaching of wildlife in Africa.

Charlie Mayhen, the CEO of Tusk Trust, says the recent resurgence of poaching is due to Chinese migrant workers coming to Africa due to the large demand for elephant tusks, rhinoceros horns and tiger and lion parts in the Far East.

“We must act now, coherently and together, if the situation is to be reversed and our legacy, our global, natural legacy, preserved. Tomorrow will be simply too late,” says Prince William. “Tusk and other conservation groups are now confronting the truly horrific situation affecting Africa’s elephants and rhinocerus. Both are being mercilessly and illegally poached at a rate not seen for decades.”

“[Prince William] has the ability to communicate messages, communicate our work through the global media to an audience which we simply couldn’t reach without him,” says Mayhew.

William has been the Tusk Trust patron for seven years. His most recent event was attending the U.K. premiere of Disney’s “African Cats” with wife Kate Middleton, which documents the lives of a pride of lions and family of cheetahs on the savanna.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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