princess beatrice ebay hat getty Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding hat defended by designer“It’s not my wedding and I’ll wear an attention-grabbing hat if I want to!”

This is what we’re assuming Princess Beatrice told designer Philip Treacy when he created her much-ridiculed Royal Wedding hat. (Yes, people are still talking about it.) 
Princess Beatrice’s hat became one of the most-talked topics of the Royal Wedding and she received a lot of criticism for the over-the-top design. Now, Treacy is defending the hat and Princess Beatrice. 
“She is only 22 and there was a little bit of bullying going on,” Treacy tells Britain’s Observer. “In the future, we’ll look back and think she looked wild.” Or crazy. Take your pick.

Many people couldn’t tell what the design even was (Is it a bow? Is it a pretzel? Maybe an octopus?), but Treacy says, “I thought I was making a hat with a bow on it.”
Treacy says he sees Beatrice as a “beautiful, exotic, Victorian doll” and thought the hat suited her beautifully. 

What did you think of Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding hat, Zappers? Looking back, do you think she looked wild?
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