hugh jackman prisoners review 'Prisoners' reviews: 'More terrifying than any horror film'“Prisoners” is a new thriller opening this weekend starring Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, a man whose child has been kidnapped, along with her friend, and when the police don’t have enough evidence to hold the main suspect, Dover takes matters into his own hands.

What are the critics saying? Mostly good things.

Stephen Whitty of the New Jersey Star-Ledger writes, “Sometimes the movie is a little too cute for its own good, unfairly
full of flagrant red herrings. … But this is a coldly gruesome, tensely thrilling drama that both
dares to take its time (it clocks in at almost two-and-a-half hours),
and refuses to let anyone off the hook — right up until its chilling,
just-ambiguous-enough ending. Is it the best Hollywood mystery we’ve seen in awhile? Oh yes. Is it
one any parent would want to see? Only if they don’t mind nightmares.”

USA Today‘s Claudia Puig says, “Despite some holes in the labyrinthine plot, the film concludes on a
hauntingly powerful note. In its unflinching look at mutable morality,
the implications extend beyond the personal to the political. With its grisly realism, ‘Prisoners’ is much more terrifying than any horror film, simultaneously grueling, spellbinding and contemplative.”

The above reviews reflect what a lot of critics thought about the film, but there are a few who disagree.

“‘Prisoners’ fits the Oscar-wannabe formula of artistic ambition
plus star quality. … [it] has got more pedigree than a Westminster
dog-show winner. It’s just not very good. In fact, it’s worse than
not-very-good; it’s could’ve-been-really-good-and-isn’t,” writes TIME‘s Richard Corliss

Will you be seeing “Prisoners” this weekend?

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