kadee strickland charlotte 'Private Practice': Will Addison betray Charlotte's trust?SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you don’t want to know major story lines about Thursday’s (Nov. 11) episode of “Private Practice.”

Addison (Kate Walsh) is in quite the moral predicament after Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) confided in her that she was brutally raped in last week’s episode. Addison tries to perform a rape kit, but Charlotte vehemently refuses. She also is feeling overwhelmed with a need to talk to Sam (Taye Diggs), but can’t because she promised Charlotte she would keep her secret.

In a clip from tonight’s episode “What Happens Next,” we see Addison reveal to Sam that she did actually perform the rape kit without Charlotte’s consent. “I did something the other night, a rape kit,” she says while the couple is in bed. “She didn’t want it. She was upset and I thought she might want the DNA later so I went ahead and did it anyway.”

 We also learn she labeled the kit as “Jane Doe” and didn’t report it, which Sam points out is illegal. Through this exchange, Sam realizes that the victim is Charlotte.

When Zap2it spoke with KaDee Strickland we asked if Charlotte is going to be upset with Addison for performing the rape kit and for telling Sam. “Can you print hell to the yeah? She is not at all okay with that,” she says. “This is a person who has had everything taken away from them. So in that mind space, for someone to do this, at first, it’s yet another violation. At first.She’s devastated that someone would take yet another choice away from her and that makes perfect sense to me.”

She continues, “Charlotte’s options are preserved so now it’s really left up to her to not deny the truth any longer. I love that the character has the opportunity to put the pieces together so that she can try to start putting herself back together.”

In last week’s episode, it seemed Violet (Amy Brenneman), who is also a survivor of assault, couldn’t be around Charlotte after her attack. “You’ll definitely see her be around me in the next episode,” Strickland teases. In another clip, we get a first glimpse into this new relationship between the two women.
“I know how hard it can be to reintegrate after you’ve been victimized so if you ever want to talk,” Violet offers to Charlotte. Charlotte still does not want to open up, telling her “You’re damaged goods, Violet. You. Not me. You got no business telling anybody how to run their lives.”

Strickland did tell us that Violet will play an important role in Charlotte’s post-assault journey. “She’s a huge, huge facilitator of Charlotte’s walk forward in this event. I love where Violet and I are going.”

Catch the episode this Thursday, Nov. 11, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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