alyssa-milano-project-runway-all-stars-s3.jpgZap2it: What are your connections to fashion?

Alyssa Milano: My mom was a fashion designer. Growing up, I grew up with stickpins and pattern cutting, and my grandmother was a milliner. And I have a clothing line also, Touch by Alyssa Milano. It is all licensed female sports apparel: NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NHL — all female fan apparel. It came out about seven years ago. Nobody was doing it well, and it has been very rewarding.

Zap2it: What is your reaction to the “Project Runway All Stars” challenges?

Alyssa Milano: I am never not amazed at what they are capable of doing with the amount of time they have. They hold them to a higher [criterion] because All Stars challenges are more difficult. We really expect a lot from them. They know what is going on. I am constantly amazed they were able to accomplish amazing, amazing work. I was so inspired. That is what is so great about All Stars; every piece is gorgeous. They are all well made. It comes down to a taste, aesthetic or whether their design met the criteria of the challenge.

Zap2it: Have you gotten tips from [“Project Runway” mentor] Tim Gunn?

Alyssa Milano: I hadn’t met Tim or Heidi [Klum] until the final one, the runway show (which taped Sept. 6). I sort of went into it with a different perspective. People know who I am as a personality, so I wanted to bring as much as possible so it didn’t seem like I was faking it.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler