project runway all stars anthony 'Project Runway All Stars': Anthony Williams sees nothing wrong with teamwork

Anthony Williams, the most recent designer to leave “Project Runway All Stars,” does not have a problem with his competitors helping each other out in the workroom. In fact, he thought it was nice that Kenley decided to help Kara out with a little sewing during the latest challenge. 
“I think it’s a
sad day when reality television has convinced the world that the only way to be
competitive is to be conniving and create these alliances against other people.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people helping
each other,” Williams says on a call with reporters the morning after his elimination. “The reality is, no matter wins that show, whatever it is you think
you want to do after winning that prize package, you’re going to need a team of
individuals to help you.”

As for the challenge that got him booted, in which the designers had to source their materials from strangers on the street, Williams says it became frustrating because it seemed like the rules kept changing. 

“That challenge changed so many times. It was so inconsistent from the beginning,” he explains. “At the beginning it was 50 percent of the look, then it turned into on the runway you needed to use 50 percent of your fabric, and then it was Joanna Coles saying this is designing streetwear clothing when it wasn’t designing streetwear clothing, it was supposed to be inspired by the clothes that you got from people on the street.”
But Williams seems at peace with the judges’ decision. “When all the girls left the runway, it just looked like the
writing was on the wall,” he says.

Now that he’s out of the running, he’s giving Rami his support. “A lot of people get edited to be a certain way. But to be there in person, he was one of the most genuine people, and he actually was a fighter,” Williams says. “I’ve been watching the show, and I have to admit to you that there are some people who come off really smug this time around. To know how hard he worked and how bad he wanted it, and to see he was actually putting the time and the work in, not just coasting by, I think he most definitely deserves to win.”
So where can we see Williams next? He’ll be appearing as himself in a cameo on an unnamed sitcom and continuing to work as a stylist on VH1’s “Single Ladies.” Hopefully, though, you’ll be able to catch him on a show of his own.
 “I love designing clothes, and it is fun, but I am better working with people and I think I would be featured best in a host capacity,” he says. “I don’t have to have someone tell me what to say. I’ve studied people long enough and I know how to relate to people in such a way that all I need is a cameraman, the lights, a director, a producer and we can go. … Not a show that celebrates me, a show that uses me as a
catalyst to celebrate other people.”
Posted by:Jean Bentley