april johnston project runway lifetime 'Project Runway All Stars' designer April Johnston: 'A 6 hour challenge is not relevant to the world of fashion'April Johnston is grateful for the opportunity she’s had doing “Project Runway All Stars,” but the 22-year-old designer says — with all due respect — that competing on the reality series isn’t much like working in the fashion world.

“A six-hour challenge is not relevant to the world of fashion,” Johnston tells Zap2it in a conference call with reporters the morning after her second axing from “Runway.” “I know Michael, in an interview, said last night that he makes things for his clients in 45 minutes to an hour. I’m sorry, but I don’t make things in 45 minutes. I do cherish what I do and I take it very seriously. It takes time to construct something that’s going to be perfect. For me, the ‘Project Runway’ challenge is just not realistic, and I thought that was my downfall.”
Although Johnston is just 22 years old, she says she feels like she was definitely able to compete with the more experienced designers in the cast. “I look at it like ‘Hey, I was asked to come back here because they thought I was up to par with everybody else that was there.’ So I took it as I was mature enough to be there and I was prepared for that.”
Still, it hurts to hear the judges criticize your work. “Just from watching it back last night, it’s actually hard to watch,” Johnston says. “When you’re on the runway it’s so overwhelming and you take everything so personally because you feel like you’re in the spotlight. It’s a lot of pressure. I try to think that everything’s constructive but sometimes you can’t help but have your feelings hurt because it’s so personal.”
As for the rest of the contenders left, Johnston says she’s rooting for her pal Mila Hermanovski, whom she keeps in touch with via Twitter and Facebook. 

“I do think that Mila Hermanovski is very talented,” she says. “I think she would be the one who deserves to win based on her talent and her being fashion-forward. A lot of people on there just are recreating things that have been done so many times before, and I’d like to see her win because she has such a fresh idea on modern, conceptual design.”
Posted by:Jean Bentley