The ninth season of Lifetime’s hit ‘Project Runway‘ crowns its winner Thursday, Oct. 27. No spoilers here, but the finale, taped during Fashion Week in Manhattan’s Lincoln Center, revealed no overarching theme for the finalists.

Metallic dresses and shorts remain popular as do completely sheer tops. Apparently bras and camisoles are out.

Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire magazine and a ‘Project Runway’ judge, gives her opinion of these outfits worn on the catwalk for the finale.

The white leather jacket, which pops against the simple black pants and top, shows off Viktor Luna‘s skills. “Viktor can sew just about anything on the planet,” Garcia says. “He had never worked with leather or made a Perfecto jacket.” Luna also worked with exquisite prints, inspired by a trip to Mexico. “I didn’t think the Perfecto jacket fit with the rest of the collection. It was something he was very proud of, and he styled it a little different than we had seen.”

tvfash1pr 'Project Runway' finale

“Kimberly can cut the meanest pants ever,” Garcia says of Kimberly Goldson. “She has had very little real professional training, but she has great instincts for street style.” Goldson’s attention to adding volume, such as flounces, makes her stand out. This outfit, however, “was not my favorite. Her strength was more in the pants, which actually are very difficult to construct. She was very ambitious with the skirt. Her whole idea was she wanted to highlight the curves and work with volume.”

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“He’s very good at pattern making,” Garcia says of Joshua McKinley. “He’s very good at draping. He also likes a lot of color. Joshua’s challenge throughout the season was in the editing because he tends to think more is more. He would overembellish everything. He loves the sequins, loves the feathers, loves to add stuff, when technically he is a master at making anything. So this dress exemplifies that. It is beautiful, minimal, draped impeccably and not overembellished. It was his attempt at being minimalist. It took a long time, but I think we got through to him.”

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“This really surprised us,” Garcia says of Laura Kathleen. “She broke away from her colorful Hawaiian prints and presented a sophisticated evening collection with architectural hardware.” This urban, modern gown was why “we were blown away with this finale. She listened.”

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Anya Ayoung Chee‘s designs have Garcia saying, “She is a master colorist with an eye for prints. What I love about this dress is the balance – the big volume on the hem and held by these very fragile straps in the top. I love that fragility with the volume. Her clothes are sexy, very effortless, very personal, like she has a very consistent point of view and a very personal point of view. During the filming, she learned to sew in three months. It is remarkable, and she is great at improvising and working with what she has. She is a smart cookie.”

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