project runway 7 heidi klum seth aaron 320 'Project Runway' finale Part II: Seth Aaron marches off with victoryWith Mila in, and Jay out, the three “Project Runway” designers ready for Fashion Week. Papa Gunn lends them some advice, though it’s the day before Bryant Park, so good luck making any changes at this point, right?

Things are as icy as ever between him and Emilio, and that’s whose collection he still seems the least impressed with. We get the usual clips of the other designers sizing up each other’s collections in the workroom. And they all basically think theirs is the best. Not that they’re biased or anything.

They choose their models, then do hair and makeup tryouts, then go to bed. It’s basically a big-ol’ product-placement show: Westin! Garnier! L’Oreal! Next morning, they wake up all nervous and jittery and head to Bryant Park.

Once there, Mila loses three models (I like to think they didn’t show up out of protest of Mila’s personality and style), and Emilio loses one. Seth Aaron, always nice, somehow doesn’t lose any. Coincidence? I think not.

Once they’re all settled in, and we get an introduction from Heidi and a quick look at our judges: Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Faith Hill (?), the fashion show begins.

Seth Aaron’s first, and he introduces his collection as inspired by 1940s German and Russian military. It’s a pretty interesting collection of coats and dresses and pants, with a very definite color scheme and style, each piece tying neatly into the one before it. It’s pretty Seth Aaron, but without all the hardcore black, leather, and zippers. So, a toned-down Seth Aaron, with all the craft as always. Then comes out the final outfit, which is hideous and butt-huggingly awful. Ugh. Faith Hill noticeably winces.

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