project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Cuckoo Couture“Project Runway” begins immediately after Christopher has left. Heidi tells them that she’s sending them out on the town. They go to a suite at a swank hotel and have a champagne toast. They all hang out and discuss what the competition has been like. April gets really emotional about how empowering the experience has been for her. Mondo, naturally, feels that the show freed him.

The next day, Tim Gunn introduces the designers to Mayor Bloomberg. What? Their challenge is to design a look based on the city. They have a budget of $500! Other Michael chooses the Statue of Liberty. God, he’s not helping me defend him. Mondo and April choose the Brooklyn Bridge. Andy chooses Central Park. Gretchen feels “underinspired.” By New York. She’s losing her mind, y’all. She chooses the Lower East Side, mostly, I imagine, because she wants the design to be “her” and that’s probably where she sees herself the most.

Other Michael has a hard time executing his vision. He seems to have finally run into the end of his capabilities as a technician. Mondo takes a small nap that actually turns into a pretty long nap. Gretchen and Mondo coin the phrase “Cuckoo Couture” in regards to his design aesthetic. Pretty brilliant. April expresses her admiration for Tim Gunn and his mentorship, which I find refreshing with all of the bitchiness we’ve seen from these guys this season. Gretchen does the same thing! She tells Tim that it has been an honor getting to know him.

Christian Siriano is the guest judge! Other Michael’s dress seems kind of… I don’t know. I never know what they’re going to say about him. Gretchen’s look has a weird motorcycle jacket with it. Andy’s look has a little bit of an Asian madam quality, as others mentioned, but it looks good. Mondo’s is Mondo. April’s look is very cool. Very edgy stuff. They love Andy and Mondo (except for Heidi on the latter). They hate Gretchen’s, and she starts crying immediately. Heidi says that she was surprised to see Gretchen’s look and thinks she’s a better designer. Michael is brutal to April about how she makes the same thing over and over again. Nina says that she doesn’t show any range. Christian’s a lovely judge and says thoughtful, kind things to everyone. They LOVE Other Michael’s dress.

Other Michael says he’d take Mondo and Andy to Fashion Week. Gretchen chooses Mondo and April. Andy says Mondo and April. Mondo picks Other Michael! And, he chooses April, too. April chooses Mondo and Gretchen. And the judges? They pick everybody but April. She’s devastated and it’s completely sad.

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