project runway heidi tim 'Project Runway' recap: High Calorie FashionAngela tells us that the next challenge is about taste. They are required to create a look based on the colors and flavors of a tasty dessert. Damn, **** just got esoteric up in here. And, not just any dessert but a specific dessert- gelato. Weird. There’s a list of flavors to choose from. The flavors are even listed in a way that doesn’t necessarily tell them what the colors will be. Diane Von Furstenberg is the guest mentor/judge and, seriously, Michael needs to stop acting like Andy Cohen at a Cher concert every time a freaking celebrity fashion designer is around. Diane tells them that they will have a whopping six hours to complete the design. These should be really pretty.

They go to a baby Mood near the workroom and it’s heinous — several people couldn’t find the things they wanted. Oh my God, Austin wears a wife beater and it’s completely adorbs. Mila uses color and the world grinds to a halt. People go nutso while they’re working, because, well, this is crazy crap town. From the looks of things, Kara is either winning or losing. They eat a lot of gelato as they’re working. Mila may be in a little bit of trouble for not being fabulous and extravagant enough. Mondo says “Yes Ma’am” to Joanna Coles, which makes me love that little street urchin. Rami is built like a **** brickhouse and let’s all RECOGNIZE. April. I don’t know, things just seem like they’re getting really weird for April. The more rigidly driven she gets, the less she seems able to adapt to any curve ball thrown her way. Be the ball, April.

On the runway, Isaac’s back! Diane Von Furstenberg is indeed a guest judge, as well as Miranda Kerr! She’s so lovely. Miranda is going to wear the winning look to an “industry event.” Mondo’s cantaloupe dress is gorgeous. Anthony’s green tea look is…OK. Kenley’s passion fruit dress is pretty and fits like a GLOVE. Rami’s kiwi look is decent. Mila’s sour cherry biz is, you know, I think pretty OK. Jerell’s fruits of the forest dress is gross, but I think I’m the only one who feels that way ever. Kara’s chocolate dress is either great or totally wrong, I don’t know from looking at it. The grapefruit thing that Michael made is unimaginative but pretty. I like April’s blueberry look, but I seem to like her stuff more than others do. The vanilla dress that Austin made is gorgeous, though he’s worried about all of the hot glue he made to use it.

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