project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: I Know You Are But Why Are We Designing For Giants?So, apparently, everyone thinks that Fallene doesn’t belong here? Whatever. I think she’s rad. Anthony is feeling special. When they get to the runway, Heidi is on stilts. She doesn’t fall. Sorry. She tells them that they have to think “big” for their next challenge. All of their models are on stilts. They are working in teams of 2- Bert and Viktor are working together, which really bothers Viktor. Bert, in turn, is frustrated by Viktor’s response. This is going to be interesting. Anya and Olivier are team members and that seems like it’s going to be perfect, right?

There is tons of weirdo competition. Viktor and Bert seriously don’t get along and, despite what the producers of this show tried to make me believe, I feel that Viktor was a totally disrespectful *******. Bryce and Fallene are team members and Bryce takes over, which, to me, is not a good thing. Also, Kimberly and Becky don’t click. Neither do Josh and Julie. But, Bert and Viktor take the cake. They argue in front of Tim and he’s, of course, all telling them to make it work. Fallene is, look away, SELF-TAUGHT and Bryce talks a ton of **** about her. Fine, she needs to know some stuff, but Bryce is no sort of genius.

Wait. Danielle and Cecilia don’t get along either. Fallene totally falls apart. Like, she can’t finish **** and she starts crying and she’s clearly a lovely person who maybe doesn’t belong on this show. She doesn’t trust herself and it’s a nightmare. She cuts some stuff off-grain and he deems the bodice that it affected not runway-worthy. So, he decides to make a tube-top instead. Hmm.

The runway show is a public affair that happens on the water in NYC. All of the judges are in black. Fallene cries about having made nothing for her look and Tim tries very hard to talk her down. OK, briefly, can we talk about how hot and stupid that one husband is on the Russian Dolls show that’s happening? God help me if I have to write about it, but hubba. That’s all. Heidi is seriously so incredibly gorgeous at this show. Awards. Someone needs them. But, shoot me in my face, Kim “Kill Me” Kardashian is the guest judge. New Low? We found it. Oh. No. Make all the excuses you want, but she’s trash and WHY?

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