project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Out of LookThe group is seriously getting smaller. On the runway, Bert even says that he’s surprised that he’s still there. This lady from presents the challenge along with Tim. She says that their inspiration should be the Sophisticated ’70s (which my mother would say is an oxymoron). The winning design will be produced and sold by Kimberly is inspired by a picture of her mother who was a secretary in the ’70s and absolutely adorable. Like, sick cute. Laura feels super confident about this challenge, though no less nasal. It’s like her voice is moving further up her forehead the longer this competition continues.

At Mood, Anya LOSES HER MONEY. She had this envelope stuffed in her cleavage and it just disappears. None of these designers would take it and not give it back, would they? So, they don’t find it and Tim tells Anya that her options are to ask her fellow designers if they have any money left over and/or use muslin. She is, naturally, sickened by the thought. That said, if anyone can survive by asking others for help, it’s her. Funnily enough, the only person who has change is the person she’s watching pay — Anthony. He gives her 11 dollars and she gets super minimal supplies. Tim points out that she was very generous during the last challenge, giving away fabric to everyone. When they get back to the workroom, everyone is sufficiently shamed into helping Anya (maybe I’m just being cynical) and everybody gives her the fabrics that they are not using. Except for Viktor. He’s in the “This is a competition” mindset. He also doesn’t trust Josh, who he feels is sucking ideas out of all the others. Paranoia will destroy ya’, Mon Frere.

Poor Anya and the dyeing and choices and dyeing. It’s so stressful. Anya and Laura and Kimberly have apparently made a pact to tell each other if they think the other is off-track, and Anya and Laura feel that Kimberly is going off the rails with her boring print. But, they say nothing. Josh copies a pleat in the back Viktor’s garment. SCANDAL. It’s fun watching Josh go immediately from front runner to like obvious pariah.

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