project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: Teaching With HateOn “Project Runway,” the challenge is to create a look that is inspired by American sportswear, with the awesome Jackie O as an inspiration. Simple, huh? Andy says the dumbest thing about Jackie being a fashion risk taker “without knowing it.” Um. She knew a lot. Valerie is in the bell jar and needs lots of approval from everyone. She has a really hard time making decisions about anything. Other Michael makes a dress that is pretty cocktail, instead of sportswear. Andy makes these huge ass pants that don’t seem really American, but are certainly fashion forward.

So, Cute Michael kind of loses his mind and we’re maybe completely in love now and sending a ring or watch or something to formalize things. He makes this crazy-looking skirt that everybody describes as “The Crucible” which we don’t feel weird about saying made me love it even more.

On runway day, Tim tells the designers that it’s actually NOT runway day. Instead, they have to make a piece of outerwear to go with their looks. The twist helps some people and hurts others. Cute Michael offers Mondo a dollar to tap dance in his Kit Kat Club outfit and it’s fab.

So, the runway happens. The judges hate Valerie’s look, but we thought it looked cool. Nina thinks that she uses too many zippers and pleats. Heidi thinks that the shrug that Christopher made looks like a dirty rug. OK, shoot my face, but we loved Cute Michael’s look and Michael Kors found it, seriously, INSULTING. January Jones, our esteemed guest judge and the worst “SNL” guest host of the last decade, found it sloppy. Mondo gets props for making something wild that Jackie would still wear. Ivy’s look is appreciated, though they’re not wild about the outerwear. Heidi says she wanted to laugh at Andy’s look. She’s brutal. January thinks that it’s un-American. Nina says it looks like a train wreck.

Valerie points out that the judges seem like they’re in a bad mood. Mondo wins the challenge! Heidi Klum can rot in hell. Our boy is out.

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